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AFTER FOREVER-Statement bzgl. Earthshaker-Tour

Nach dem Crash der Earthshaker Roadshock Tour mit FINNTROLL, DIE APO. REITER, TAROT, MACHINE MEN, ALL ENDS und AFTER FOREVER haben letztere nun ihr Statement zum Abbruch gegeben, in welchem die Booking Agency Metallysee ganz klar als Verwantwortliche für das Desaster genannt werden:

“We are very sorry and disappointed to let you know the Earthshaker Roadshock tour has been cancelled by the organization Metallysee after the Nürnberg show. This organization simply ruined the whole tour themselves by very bad financial planning and a bad production. Bands were treated very bad, not being paid and not being cared for, tour buses and drivers weren’t paid, backline was not rented…and so on and on. Despite all the work of the various band members, managements and record labels to let this tour continue things didn’t work out and Metallysee just pulled the plug.
To make things clear, this is not to blame on the Earthshaker festival, since they also tried to make the best out of it, but unfortunately Metallysee had all the responsibility.

At the moment we’re still trying to figure out possibilities to pick up some of these shows which were planned for the end of the tour, but we can’t promise you anything.”

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