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Die noch nicht sonderlich bekannte Band AGAINST THE PLAGUES hat 2 Songs online gestellt, um Euch von ihrem Können zu überzeugen. Immerhin spielen dort Leute von LOST HORIZON / LUCIFERION / FOREST OF IMPALED / DAMNATION mit, also keine Unbekannten. Die Band dazu im O-Ton:

“We have decided to expose one more song from the upcoming album to give you more insight of what’s to come. It’s entitled “Second Impact” (working title). The previously presented demonstrational song “Tune of Might” (working title) is of course still available to download.”

You can also listen to both songs here www.againsttheplagues.com/Music.htm

“After several months of intensive work, we’re almost finished our debut album. The whole material will contain 8 complex and varying songs, both in arrangements and styles. We are very excited to be closing the end of our work on this masterpiece. We are now ready for final mixing, which is scheduled for the end of January with Chris Djuricic (November’s Doom, Michael Angelo Batio, Soil) at Studio One, Racine, WI, USA.”

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