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AMORAL und der finnische Idols-Sieger

Hier die Meldung im O-Ton:

Amoral teams up with Finnish Idols-winner Ari “Heavy-Ari” Koivunen!

The Finnish metal group Amoral, whose ex-vocalist Niko Kalliojärvi left the group last summer, have found a new singer – Finnish Idols-competition winner Ari Koivunen!
Ari Koivunen won Idols in 2007, and is also known as “Heavy-Ari” in his home country due to his very metal and rock based song choices and solo albums. Ari Koivunen has released two very metallic solo albums to date, and has gathered several gold awards for his album sales in Finland.

The members of Amoral have known Ari for a long time, and after the departure of Niko Kalliojärvi they found it natural to see how Ari’s vocals and Amoral’s music would fit together – with excellent results! Like Amoral’s mastermind and lead guitarist Ben Varon puts it: “It was clear that we were heading for a more melodic genre of metal with our next album – now with Ari handling the vocals we can be sure that our new songs will work perfectly”.

Amoral is currently working on a follow-up to their last album “Reptile Ride” together with their new vocalist – the album is due for release next Spring.

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