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AUTUMN – Tracklist “My New Time”

AUTUMN haben die Arbeiten an ihrem neuen Album “My New Time” abgeschlossen und verraten euch jetzt die Tracklist. Dazu ein paar Anmerkungen der Band selbst im O-Ton:

“We’ve laid down 11 tracks at Graveland Studio with producer Arno Krabman behind the dials. These are some of the most diverse, groovy and powerful Autumn songs to date. Needless to say, we’re thrilled with the results! The new line-up has outdone itself and has seen the Autumn collective improve in all possible areas. This, combined with Arno’s attention to detail and Jochem’s mixing skills should result in an album that’ll raise some eyebrows!”

Tracklist “My New Time”
Closest Friends Conspire
Blue Wine
Angel of Desire
My New Time
Communication On Opium
Twisted And Turned
Forget To Remember (Sunday Mornings)
State Of Mind
Epilogue (What’s Done Is Done)

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