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BOLT THROWER ehren John Peel

“Today is John Peel Day, in honour of the legendary DJ who did so much for underground music, including Bolt Thrower. To mark the occassion we have made available two tracks from the Bolt Thrower Peel Sessions for download, but for today only! The tracks will be removed at midnight tonight.

The two tracks are ‘Forgotten Existence’, taken from the very first Peel Session, recorded 03/01/88 with first vocalist Alan West and ‘Destructive Infinity’, taken from the third and final Session, recorded 22/07/90, with Karl Willetts on vocals.

You will find them in the Downloads section of the website www.boltthrower.com

Grab them while you can.
RIP John Peel. You are solely missed.”
Bolt Thrower

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