David Bowie zu Charlottes neuestem Output:

“Do you remember the time I knew a girl from Ash? Somebody will get that. I first became aware of Charlotte Hatherley when Ash were a part of the Area 2 tour we did in 2002…but I never plucked up the courage to talk to her on account of feeling intimidated by girls with big guitars. That’s actually not true…she was probably just avoiding me. Well, Behave is proof that Charlotte made the right decision to go solo. The guitar part is an instant hook, that has a kind of Eno-esque quirkiness about it…Impossibly catchy, you’ll find this popping into your head when you least expect it. Stonkingly odd (in a good way) video too Charlotte has a great voice and is very easy on the eye, both handy qualities in this business, even if I say so myself. Behave is the first single taken from Ms Hatherley’s second album, The Deep Blue, which is out now. I still love you, girl from Ash. Somebody will get that. (db)!

Das album “THE DEEP BLUE” erscheint am 23.04.2007 über CHARLOTTEs eigenes label LITTLE SISTER RECORDS. Die erste Single-Auskopplung “BEHAVE” kommt ebenfalls am 23.04.2007 – Das Video zur Single gibt es hier:


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