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CRUACHAN – “The Morrigan’s Call”

AFM Records werden am 17. November folgenden Tonträger veröffentlichen:

CRUACHAN (Irland) “The Morrigan’s Call”
Song titles are:
1.) Shelob
2.) The Brown Bull of Cooley
3.) Coffin Ships
4.) The Great Hunger
5.) The Old Woman in the Woods
6.) Ungoliant
7.) The Morrigan’s Call
8.) Téir Abhaile Riú
9.) Wolfe Tone
10.) The Very Wild Rover
11.) Cuchulainn
12.) Diarmuid and Grainne

Own Words von Keith Fay:
“To put it quite simply, this is our best work to date, in every aspect. The production quality is brilliant, I cringe when I hear our “Pagan” album, the production was terrible but we have more than made up for it on our new album. The songs are more aggressive than ever, with blast beats in abundance but at the same time they are probably folkier than a lot of past releases. We have many instruments also, as you would expect, but some new ones also such as Irish Harp.”

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