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Du im MANOWAR Video?

MANOWAR Wants YOU To Be In Their New Video!

MANOWAR is going to shoot parts of their newest video for the song DIE FOR METAL on Saturday, February 24 in Bochum, Germany, during the MANOWAR Fan Release Party for the new album, GODS OF WAR.

All fans are welcome to be part of this video. We want to have an insane true metal crowd, so put on your favorite MANOWAR shirt and show us what you’ve got.
Besides the fans, the video will also star well known German actor Tim Sander. As MANOWAR band members will not appear in this particular part of video and therefore won’t be present, we are counting on you, the greatest fans in the world to star in this scene and to once again show the whole world just what MANOWAR fans are about.

Saturday, February 24 2007
Hauptstr. 200
44892 Bochum
Phone : 0234-6106800
( MANOWAR’s Showtruck will be present as well, incl. cool new merchandise ! )

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