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ELVENKING werden in Kürze ins Studio gehen, um ihr viertes Werk einzuspielen. Aufgenommen werden die Drums in den Gernhart Studios zusammen mit Martin Buchwalter und der Rest dann in Italien in den Sherpa Studios. Nino Laurenne wird die Produktion überwachen. Mastering dann durch Mika Jussila bei Finnvox. Das sagt die Band selbst dazu:

“We expect to have the album ready sometime in Spring 2007, but we think that an early Autumn release can be expected, because of normal promotion times. The cover artwork will be done by Gyula Havancsak, the same artist who took care of the marvellous “The Winter Wake” layout. Music will be straight, heavy, melodic and still epic”. As usual our new album will be pretty different from all our previous works. It’s something vital for us, we cannot copy ourselves, what we have done in the past is still there and we need to look ahead. The new material is simply thrilling us out, we can’t wait to put it on cd! The lyrics of the album will be based on a general concept, which has not been revealed yet, but according to the band -it’s gonna be the most challenging thing we’ve ever done lyrically!”

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