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ENTHRONED feuern Sänger

Doch recht überraschend gab ENTHRONED-Gitarrist Nornagest bekannt, dass Sänger/Bassist Lord Sabathan (nach dem Freitod von Lord Cernunnos 1997 das letzte verbliebende Gründungsmitglied) ab sofort nicht mehr Teil der belgischen Black Metal-Pioniere ist:
“To make a long story short; Sabathan isn’t interested nor have conviction in our faith (Black metal here so to speak) anymore, and for the last two years we were not able to practice nor to write music in a descent way. Enthroned has always been an honest band, Enthroned is a feeling, a faith, a devotion to our belief and to ourselves and we can’t allow a member , who ever it is, to pretend to be something nor someone he isn’t especially being a front man and speaking in our name. Thus, “people who do not talk with each other for a year do not belong in the same band.” A statement which fits quite well the situation I must say.”

Über die Zukunft der Band sollen sich die Fans allerdings keine Sorgen machen:
“Now, for those who would wonder if Enthroned will continue without Sabathan, the answer is definitely: YES! I wrote 90% of the music and lyrics since “Towards the Skullthrone of Satan” and my devotions are still the same for all those years. We are working now on the next opus with a new member which will be presented in the next months.”


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