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EVERGREEN TERRACE haben bei High Impact Recordings/ Metal Blade unterschrieben und alle Seiten freuen sich natürlich auf die Zusammenarbeit, wie folgende Statements beweisen:

High Impact Recordings Gründer Tim Lambesis erklärt: “Evergreen Terrace is a band that will soon get the recognition they’ve deserved for quite some time. They are a band that started before their genre blew up, and all the while they’ve maintained a distinct identity by combining the energy of punk and the syncopation of metal with a melody that is their own. In a genre that sometime goes over the top trying to be “heavy”, Evergreen Terrace reminds us that energy and good song-writing should still be the bottom line.”

Evergreen Terrace bedankt sich mit, “Now we can be a real band, thanks Metal Blade!!!”
“Metal Blade…Fuck Yeah.” – Josh of Evergreen Terrace
“Very excited to work with such a hard working label that believes in what we are trying to accomplish as a band. It feels amazing to be a part of a roster with such a huge history in the underground and mainstream metal and hardcore scene.” – Kyle of Evergreen Terrace

EVERGREEN TERRACE werden die Aufnahmen zum “Sincerity is an Easy Disguise in This Business” Werk im Februar 2007 im Vision Sound Studio Florida beginnen.

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