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EVOCATION bei Cyclone Empire

Hier der offizielle Werbe-/ Presstext dazu:

“The youngest member of our little family is the Swedish Old-School-Death-Machine EVOCATION. Okay, the guys are not really new in the scene, but nevertheless ’Tales From The Tomb’, which is announced to be unleashed this spring, will be the debut-album of those boys from Borås! The self-titled album that was released 2004 by German label Breath Of Night/Merciless Records was only the compilation of the two cult-demo-tapes from 1992.

So prepare and be ready for an absolute master-killer, a lesson in raw, brutal and primal Swedish Death Metal, coming with a hell of a production and only consisting of hits and allover grandiose melodies and razorsharp riffings. As a guest they invited Ex-DEFLESHED-shouter Gustaf Jorde to join them on one song, and finally with the brillant cover-version of ENTOMBEDs classic ’But Life Goes On’ they show not only a very good taste but also that they are not willing to hide their roots.

Last but not least, the album will also be worthily ”packaged”: None other but Dan Seagrave himself (had drawn countless famous covers by e.g. MORBID ANGEL, ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, PESTILENCE, SUFFOCATION, MALEVOLENT CREATION, BENEDICTION, EDGE OF SANITY or GORGUTS) will be responsible for the artwork!”

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