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FINNTROLL Earthshaker Roadshock-Statement

Nach AFTER FOREVER und die REITER haben nun auch die Headliner FINNTROLL ihr Sicht der Geschehnisse dargestellt:

“Finally home. Broken, tired and most of all…pissed off. Earthshaker tour was cancelled in a middle of the tour after the show in Nürnberg. There are many reasons why the tour couldn’t go on, but the main reason was that the tour was fucked up and doomed from the very beginning by organizers…

FINNTROLL was willing to continue the tour all the way to the glorious end, as was most of the other bands as well. And we did try our best to keep it going on ,but they (organizers) finally called it quits after Nürnberg show.

We apologise for all the fans who were looking forward to see us, but were left empty handed. We were most definately looking forward to play the shows…but, it seems shit happens.

Thanks for all the bands that suffered with us through this. Especially ALL ENDS and TAROT. Thanks for the crew. Thanks everyone who came to see the shows.”

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