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GOD DETHRONED Studioupdate

Die niederländischen Death Metal Pioniere GOD DETHRONED sind weiterhin fleißig in den Soundlodge Studios in Deutschland zugange, wo sie seit Oktober an ihrem neuen Album ‘Passiondale’ feilen, welches im April 2009 via Metal Blade Records erscheint.

’Passiondale’ ist ein Konzeptalbum über den 1. Weltkrieg. Die folgenden Songitlel stehen bereits fest.

1. Under A Darkening Sky
2. Behind Enemy Lines
3. Drowning in Mud
4. No-Man’s Land
5. Passiondale
6. Poison Fog
7. Fallen Empires
8. Artifacts of the Great War
9. No Survivors

Gitarrist und Sänger Henri Sattler hat uns ein neues Update zur Verfügung gestellt: “Rhythm guitars, bass and lead guitars are all finished now. We took some time off from the studio to prepare some new things for us, like different bass lines, harmonies and other stuff we haven’t done like this before.

Producer Jörg Uken learned some new things when it came down to my unconventional way of composing harmony lines. One day we would record a melody line and the harmony just on the clicktrack to put it into the song later. He goes, ‘This already sounds out of tune like this and we haven’t even put it in the music yet.’ I go, ‘Just put it in the music, Jörg.” It was nice to see this big question mark above his head when we checked out the result. It sounded just great.
You can check that out yourself when our album comes out somewhere in April next year.

Right now I’m finishing my lyrics and I already screamed my lungs out on a few tracks. Actually, now I’m writing the lyrics for the album, I realize how intensely sick this war was. World War I had the biggest amounts of casualties during a single battle than any other war in history. I’ve been stunned quite a few times when I did research for my lyrics. Anyway, vocals should be ready by the end of next week.

Then last but not least, we also started to work with keyboard player Danny Servaes again. He also played keyboards on the ‘Grand Grimoire’ and ‘Bloody Blasphemy’ albums. He just knows what to play to our songs and as promised our new album will go back to those old times, sound- and song-wise.”

‘Passiondale’ wird im April 2009 über Metal Blade Records erscheinen!

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