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GRAVEYARD enthüllen Tracklist


Die schwedischen Classic Rocker GRAVEYARD haben die Trackliste ihres kommenden Nuclear Blast-Debüts „Hisingen Blues“ veröffentlicht:

GRAVEYARD – Hisingen Blues
01. Ain’t Fit To Live Here
02. No Good, Mr. Holden
03. Hisingen Blues
04. Uncomfortably Numb
05. Buying Truth (tack och förlåt)
06. Longing
07. Ungrateful Are The Dead
08. RSS
09. The Siren

Da Album wurde komplett analog von Don Alsterberg (JOSÉ GONZALES, JUNIP, SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES, THE INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY) im Don Pierre Studio in Göteborg, Schweden produziert, aufgenommen und gemischt. „Hisingen Blues“ erscheint am 25. März 2011.

Die Band kommentiert die Aufnahmesessions wie folgt: “We recorded the album in several different sessions. As much as possible, we tried to do live. All of it is 100% analog… and we’d like to take this opportunity to once and for all kill the argument that recording analog is ‘retro’ or that we’ve got a ‘retro’ sound.

Analog recording is just one technique among many. Just like you build a house using bricks, wood or whatever. Paint a picture using oil, acrylic or Photoshop. Our music sounds best recorded analog; other bands sound best using nothing but computers and a thousand filters. Analog recording brings warmth and an organic feeling to the music, that’s what we like. To us, ‘retro’ is often something negative, meaning an unimaginative repetition of what has been or just a carbon copy of something old.

We play timeless classic hard rock with a lot of blues and psychedelic influences among many others. And regarding analog being retro: Go through the history of rock and pick your best twenty albums. How many of them have been recorded on computers? Don’t mistake classic pieces of work for retro.”

Der Titeltrack steht auf dem offiziellen GRAVEYARD-MySpace-Profil als Stream zur Verfügung: www.myspace.com/graveyardsongs

Die 500 Kopien limitierten 7“ Picture Vinyl zum Song „Hisingen Blues“ & dessen B-Seite „Granny And Davis“ (exklusiver non-Album-Track) ist ab sofort über den Nuclear Blast Mail-order erhältlich.

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