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GRENDEL unter Arrest gestellt!

GRENDEL wurden an der Canada/ US-Grenze 2 Tage unter Arrest gestellt wegen angeblich extremistischem Material, lest das offizielle Statement dieser Ungeheuerlichkeit!

“Very bad news: I have been in detention for the last two days, trying to get into the US from Canada. I have been rejected on the basis of apparently being a spreader/carrier of `obscene and communist political extremist` material (total bullshit) based on the following:

- T-shirts: Feindflug `Volk und Armee`, Combichrist `Enjoy the Abuse`, one depicting a Kolasjnikov gun and some rockabilly shirts by Monster & Felon.
- CD`s: Suicide Commando, Leaetherstrip `Suicide Bombers` and two Laibach CDs.
- Lyrics sheet of Grendel. Didn`t include the band name or titles, so they probably thought it was speech or something.

I was not even asked about these, but simply accused right there an then of having these on me to spread/sell. All of this was for my personal use, the t-shirts had all been used previously and the CD`s were only with the corresponding booklets, one original of each, in my CD folder. Also, I didn`t realise the cold war was still going on.. Can you say: Good night & good luck? As soon as these items were found, the border control officer made a note of these on the computer system and I believe it was at this point I was already blacklisted.

Then came being accused of being a `fulltime professional musician` (also bullshit – based on the amount of albums released) and trying to enter the US without a work permit. I was not carrying any gear or merchandise with me, as that was given to someone else by car to avoid all of this. Even then, they got me. Reason for this being them searching my CD`s and looking up the websites on them, such as on the copies of two Grendel releases I had with me in my CD folder/booklet. They found the picture of myself and the tour data. So that was the end of that. Now I have been blacklisted for at least a year, meaning I cannot enter the US without requesting a work permit (costs around $3000). Tried it by plane and by train and have been in custody for a total of 16 hrs or more. Right now I`m in Montreal trying to figure out how to get back to Europe before April 7th, or else there`ll be a warant put on my name here. Total hell. Then there`s covering the losses of this tour, which will definitely not be easy.

Then comes Marc`s ordeal: When I was pulled aside and searched, he repeatedly requested to get permission to turn back in the hallway and wait for me, which was rudely rejected. After trying this a couple of times, a cop proceeded to follow his every move. Now he is stuck in Philadelphia with the same situation of finding a way to get back to Los Angeles. So because of this the whole US part of the tour is sadly cancelled. Very distressed and totally devastated about this and hope you all understand the situation. My sincerest apologies to everyone, even though this is not our fault, and hope to be able to return to the US as soon as possible. We will do our very best to make it up to you guys! To all the bands wanting to enter the US: Get everything, apart from some plain clothes & toiletries, shipped there before going or get a greencard/visa! It`s not worth trying otherwise. They will fuck you over.

And, last but not least, a huge thank you to the people here in Canada and in the US who have given support and sympathy during this whole ordeal. Seriously would have been in even deeper problems without you. Big time gratitude to you guys and owe you one! Thanks a million! If anyone wishes to help us out financially, donations are very welcome via paypal (see option below) or purchasing some of our merchandise off Ebay (link coming a.s.a.p.). This will all directly go towards covering our flights and losses. Thank you!”

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