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HELLSONGS geben Abschiedskonzert

Leider wird es die hochgeschätzte Band HELLSONGS in Zukunft zumindest nicht mehr in der aktuellen Besetzung geben. Am 11. März in Göteborg wird Abschied genommen. Bitte lest dazu das offizielle Statement der Band:

“Friends and lovers of Lounge. We´ve been touring a lot the past years, we´ve released four recordings and we´ve been travelling a lot all over the globe. This has meant a lot of great fun, meeting so many nice people out there, it´s really been a most fortunate position – thank you all!

It´s been loads of hard work behind it and a lot of extremely funny situations, which would never had happened without this band of ours. We´ve been doing this for a long time now and the time has come for us to do some other things.

We´re going to do one more show in our beloved hometown Göteborg, on the 11th of March, together with parts of the Gothenburg Symphonics. It´s going to be bombastic as Hell! We will play two sets with songs from all records, together with a lot of friends on stage. So, what we´re trying to say is that this is going to be the last show for the three of us. We will continue playing music but in other ways. Hellsongs might show up again in the future, you never know, but if that happens it will most likely take a while and another shape.

Love and Lounge!

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