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Nun ist es offiziell: Das Album “Nihil” der finnischen Sickoz IMPALED NAZARENE ist seit dem 17. Januar in Deutschland aufm Index! Die Band selbst hat folgende Meinung dazu:
“Our album ‘Nihil’ has officially entered Germany’s Index list A on 17th of January. This means that ‘Nihil’ is officially BANNED in Germany.
Looking back on 2006 and 2005, being unable to play concerts in Italy, Austria, France, Poland and Germany, one can only conclude that freedom of speech and freedom of religion, things that are supposed to be the foundation of the European Union, are not existing. Your lives are terrorized by deranged catholic sects and glue-sniffing communists. Braindead imbeciles tell you what you should/what you cannot listen to, read or watch. Happy fucking middle ages part 666 and fuck off.”

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