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IMPIOUS – Details zu den neuen Aufnahmen

Infos direkt aus den Tasten des Gitarristen Valle Adzic: “Sorry for the lack of updates. Things have been really crazy and we just didn’t feel like we had the time to write a studio diary for this album. Anyways, here’s some news for ya!

The new album is almost done. This weekend we’ll do some last bits of recording. We’ll also have Thomas Backelin from mighty Lord Belial come over for some guest vocals on a slower and very dark track. Will be fun! The mix will be done next weekend, so expect some samples here in a few weeks.

We’ve set the title “Holy Murder Masquerade” for the new album. Some of the song titles are “The Confession”, “Bound To Bleed (For A Sacred Need)”, “T.P.S.”, “Death On Floor 44”, “Holy Murder Masquerade” and “Three Of One”. The cover is also done. It’s awesome! Come back in a week and take a look at it.”

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