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KILLSWITCH ENGAGE: Alles Jerky für Adam D.!

Adam D. von KILLSWITCH ENGAGE bittet um eure Mithilfe. Lest seine Nachricht:

“Greetings, my caped metal minions!

“As some of you may already know, I will not be joining my bros in KILLSWITCH ENGAGE for the current ‘No Fear’ tour due to a wicked bunk back injury I sustained last tour. The quick deal is…I severely herniated another disc in my back, and if I didn’t get emergency surgery, I was risking the possibility of paralysis below the waist. I opted to get surgery instead of crapping my pants for all eternity. I think it was a sweet move.”

“I would like to personally thank the KILLSWITCH ENGAGE fans for all of the signs, chants, blogs, and love…it means a lot to a fat crippled retard like myself. Hopefully, I won’t be gone for too long. But, until my return, I will need all of your beef jerky for strength. Please send me all of your jerky to my ‘Jerky Across The World’ campaign, and together we will rally for good health through dried meet products. Please send donations to:

The Adam D. Jerky Across The World Campaign
c/o Mike Gitter
Roadrunner Records
902 Broadway, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10010

“God bless you guys. See you soon.”

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