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KILLSWITCH ENGAGE: Neues aus dem Studio

Für diejenigen, die es immer noch nicht wissen: Die Jungs von KILLSWITCH ENGAGE arbeiten an ihrem nunmehr fünften Studio Album, das noch dieses Jahr erscheinen wird. Produziert wird das Album diesmal ausnahmsweise nicht von Adam D (Gitarre), sondern von Produzent Brendan O’Brien. Die Arbeiten verlaufen wunderbar und die Jungs fühlen sich offensichtlich wohl. Doch lest selbst, was Mike D’Antonio (Bass) euch zu erzählen hat:

“It has been a long time since I used 2″ tape to record. As a matter of fact, I believe the last time was in 1996! But this is the way Producer, Brendan O’Brien operates …. OLD SKOOL. In January we all packed up and headed to Atlanta to record drums. The process went fairly smooth, drums were finished in a week and we were able to hang with our bros in Mastodon. Needless to say, many a drunken night was had and it was my distinct privilege to be thrown up on by my buddy Brent. A memory I will never, ever forget. After much discussions, we decided to move everything back north for guitar and bass duties. At this point Zing Studios in Westfield, MA is like a second home to us. Fast forward a week later (after finishing some guitar rhythm tracks) and I step in for Bass recording. Fun stuff … it felt like old times with Adam D at the helm of the Pro Tools rig. I finished up the last few bass fixes on Super Bowl Sunday at Adam D’s home studio. Beers were flowing HEAVY for sure. Whew, what a relief to be done with my tracks. With the pressure off, it is now time for me to amerce myself in designing the layout for this record.

Currently, Howard is in Atlanta working with Brendon and Adam on vocals. It shouldn’t be too much longer now.
Thanks for the support.”

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