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MANOWAR Tour verschoben

Lest hier im O-Ton die News aus dem Hause der Fell Warrior:

The release of the upcoming MANOWAR album has been postponed and as a result, so has the accompanying European Demons, Dragons and Warriors Tour.

However, fans should not be alarmed, as MANOWAR has a good reason for this postponement. “This is actually being done for the betterment of our fans,” says bassist and MANOWAR founder Joey DeMaio.”After having to delay the tour the first time due to Karl’s accident the band returned to the studio to continue work on the album. We wanted to do something special for the fans and so we decided the only real way to thank them for their faith would be to give them more Manowar metal.”

“Thus the Gods Of War has grown into a massive, multifaceted concept, similar to Wagner’s Ring Cycle, this is a massive project of epic proportions. The really good news is that elements of this grand new opus will be released periodically ove r the course of the next year so that fans won’t have to wait years for new songs. Naturally as the album concept has grown in the true Manowar style the tour production has grown beyond epic proportions as well and this next tour will definitely bring the metal concert experience to new heights.”

Hier die aktualisierten deutschen Tourdaten:
March 22 2007 Berlin
March 23 2 007 Munich
March 24 2007 Frankfurt
March 27 2007 Dortmund
March 28 2007 Hamburg
March 30 2007 Nuremburg
March 31 2007 Stuttgart

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