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MONSTER MAGNET Tour abgesagt!

Leider müssen wir Euch mitteilen, dass heute die für März/ April vorgesehene Monster Magnet Tour gecancelt wurde. Zur Erklärung die offizielle Presse Mitteilung:

“The battle with one’s inner demons is the most personal fight any of us can undertake. The fight is at times a lonely, confusing journey. On the evening of February 27, Dave Wyndorf suffered a set back in his own fight and was hospitalized due to a drug overdose. His full recovery is expected. We ask that all those he has encountered over the years or simply affected by his music to take a moment to think good thoughts of and for him. With the grace of God and those who love him we are all confident that Dave will rebound from this set back and continue to play and make great rock and roll.”

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