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MOURNING CARESS betrauern Tod ihres Gitarristen


MOURNING CARESS betrauern den Tod ihres Freundes und Gitarristen Benedikt Kristofer Bjarnason (1978 – 2010). Hier ein Statement der Band:

“Still words cannot describe our feelings. On December 29th 2010 our friend and longtime guitarist Benedikt Bjarnason died.

He stepped out of the band January 2009 due to many obligations, mainly work-related. In Spring 2010 he got diagnosed with cancer. But in spite of his positive attitude, distinctive humour, courage and immense will to defeat the disease, he lost this battle.

We will never forget you.

Rest In Peace, brother. See you on the other side!

If you would like to share your thoughts and / or memories about Benedikt or your text of condolence for his family and friends: www.melanchoholics.de/condolence.php

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