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MOURNING CARESS haben euch einiges zu sagen und sie tun dies trotz ihrer deutschen Herkunft in der Muttersprache des Rocks..

“Dear Pessimists!

Thanks to everybody who came out to the past shows we played. We had a great time. Especially the show with Unleashed was an absolute honour for us!

We uploaded a live-clip for the song “As Long As We Are One” online. We made it just for the fun of it. Check it out at:

Some bad news: Our guitarist Benedikt unfortunately decided to leave the band due to ongoing job obligations. He couldn´t join the rehearsals etc. anymore as his schedule is simply too tight. He will help us out whenever and wherever he possibly can until we´ve found a new insane guy to play the axe of madness. Benedikt will always be a close friend of ours. Thanks for everything, dude!!!

Last but not least please head over to the MC online shop, as we finally have the limited South American digipak version of our debut “Imbalance” including the Ozzy Osbourne cover “Crazy Train” in stock.

Ok, have a good time and all the best for 2009!

Drink to forget.

The boyz”

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