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NEAERA streamen ihr neues Album

NEAERA streamen in Zusammenarbeit mit dem deutschen Metal Hammer ihr komplettes neues Album ‘Forging The Eclipse’ auf dessen Seiten: www.metal-hammer.de/Neaera_FORGING_ECLIPSE_alle_Songs_Stream

Die Band kommentiert die Aktion wie folgt: “Thanks to the guys at Metal Hammer online for the stream of our new album ‘Forging The Eclipse’. We’re really happy about how everything turned out and we hope you guys enjoy the new material. As we see it, the songs are a very good essence of what we’ve done with the last records. We tried to lay the emphasis on brutality and melodies, but also on creating some entirely new stuff. We hope the songs feel great for you guys to listen and mosh to. Please let us know what you think of the atmosphere, the production, the artwork etc. etc. of ‘Forging The Eclipse’, we’re really heavily interested in your feedback! We hope to catch a lot of you guys at one of our shows pretty soon to give you an impression of how the new stuff works in a live setting. We can’t wait! See you guys soon!”

Weiterhin findet ihr auf www.metalblade.com/neaera/ Musik, Videos und verschiedene Bundle-Angebote zu ‘Forging The Eclipse’!

‘Forging The Eclipse’Tracklist:
1. The Forging
2. Heaven’s Descent
3. In Defiance
4. Eight Thousand Sorrows Deep
5. Arise Black Vengeance
6. Rubikon
7. Sirens of Black
8. Certitude
9. Exaltation
10. Tyranny of Want
11. The Prophecy
12. And to Posterity a Plague

‘Forging The Eclipse’ erscheint am 22./25. Oktober in Europa und am 26. Oktober in Nordamerika. Die europäische Erstauflage kommt als limitiertes Digipak.

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