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Neuer alter Sänger bei FALCONER

Stefan Weinerhall von FALCONER hat eine wichtige News zu vermelden:

“Well, once again the line up of Falconer is changing. Now again, you might say. It does sound a bit unstable to do this every once in a while I know. After changing the new music into a more folkish style (and loving the sound of it) Karsten and I thought, why not go “the whole way” and get Mathias back in the band, it would really fit the music. That is the style people got to know us by, and that is the style that is best for Falconer in all ways.

It´s back to the original style, leaving experiments and changes to act under a different moniker (may be). So hereby we present you the return of Mathias Blad. We would like to thank Kristoffer for the years in the band, it´s been a great time we always will cherish and we assure you all that this has nothing to do with personal matters. We wish Kriss all the best for the future. This kind of thing is about the worst things you can do to a bandmate if you are all friends but in the end, this is not a sand box it´s a band.”

A slightly sad but optimistic Stefan, Karsten, Jimmy and Magnus

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