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PAIN OF SALVATION mit neuem Video

Nach erfolgreich absolvierten Konzerten durch Indien und Schweden, arbeiten PAIN OF SALVATION fieberhaft an ihren neuen Album „Road Salt Two“ und veröffentlichen ein neues Video zu dem Song „Where it hurts“. Für das Musikvideo wurden ein weiteres Mal die Dienste des Regisseurs Owe Lingvall (Village Road Film) -www.villageroadfilm.com – in Anspruch genommen, der bereits das Video zu „Linoleum“ produzierte.

PAIN OF SALVATIONs Frontmann und Mastermind Daniel Gildenlöw kommentiert in seinen eigenen Worten: “Finally the video for Where it Hurts is officially released! I have longed for this moment for months. With Road Salt I decided from the start to be insanely brave – always going where the music and lyrics would take us and never hesitate or consider the consequences. This approach was very dominant already when we first started taking photos for the album. I found myself in situations I had never expected to find myself in – we dressed in skirts, waded knee-deep in ice cold lakes, lying in freezing and maggot filled swamp water, making out with relatives in front of the camera – the whole three day shoot ending with a huge bonfire where we played acoustic music and burned furniture long into the cold Swedish night.

Road Salt One as an album is a result of these same premises, and anyone listening to it cannot say anything else than that it is brave and uncompromising. I felt as hellbent on going our own way with this album as I did back in 2000 when we recorded The Perfect Element part I. “Is this guitar too loud and dry? Let’s see what happens if we go even further!”

I wanted to commit just as devotedly to the videos for Road Salt One. The premises Brave and Uncompromising were very present here too. I wanted the video to land somewhere between 70s Asian karate movies on VHS, Kill Bill and the aesthetic world of comic magazines from the 90s. Like everything about Road Salt One I wanted it to be raw and brave yet beautiful.

The video is cut between two graphical environments or scenes. The scaled down and arty white, black and red scenes, representing the abstract and emotional, and the darker warm and grainy sex scenes, representing the physical. The video is revolving around themes of love, sex, hurt and reconciliation, and is reaching back to earlier videos and albums by Pain of Salvation.”

Zusätzlich ist das Video auch auf der aktuellen DVD der Aprilausgabe des Metal Hammers enthalten. Diese kann einzeln und innerhalb Deutschlands portofrei für 6,90 Euro per Post bestellt werden. Einfach eine Mail mit dem Betreff „Einzelheft Metal Hammer 04/11“ an einzelheft@metal-hammer.de schicken. Portokosten fürs Ausland auf Anfrage.

Weitere Einzelheiten von der Band zu dem Video findet man auch im bandeigenen Blog auf:

Weitere Neuigkeiten zu dem kommenden Album “Road Salt Two” wird es in Kürze geben


May 28 Springpride (Eskilstuna, Sweden)
June 4 Hard Rock Café (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
June 5 Carioca Club (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
June 7 Bar Opiniao (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
June 19 Hellfest (Nantes, France)

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