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Reverse alignment in memoriam

Das Label Reverse Alignment ist Geschichte, hier im O-Ton ein paar Abschiedsworte des Begründers Kristian. Danke für einige schöne Veröffentlichungen!

Reverse alignment in memoriam (2007 – 2010)

“After some time I´ve decided to put down my work with my labelproject Reverse alignment. Lack of time for promotion made me to take the decision to put the label at rest.

Since the first splendid albumrelease from the isolationist dark ambient act Avsky, Silent decay til the last release (7 releases in total) with guitardroneproject Tapehpobia, Black city skyline the label have put forward great musical acts. The 2nd release Sunken temples shoved a magnificent dreamy ambient from Protoplasmic reversion while the more noisy and industrial coverts from Crest (Crest 218/Nova stereometria doliorum vinariorum) and Lakkalenga (Red cell) crusted their way into outer areas of frequncal experience. I hope the label, in some way, made the scene grow in more diverse direction´s and that artists found more ears than known of.

Thanks goes out to all supporter´s out there, artists, label´s, trader´s, buyer´s and listener´s (you know who you are!).

See you!”


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