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SAMAEL haben neuen Studioreport online gestellt

SAMAEL haben den zweiten Teil ihres Studioreport zu „Lux Mundi“ online gestellt. Hier ist er:

Die Band äußerte sich wie folgt: “We’ve stuffed this album with so many things that it feels like we’ve created a black hole. We might have come full circle after “Solar Soul” and “Above” and the option for us was to leave S A M A E L behind or to add a new layer to our legacy, we went for the second option. With “Lux Mundi” we’ve put tar on our path and now we’ll be able to move further” ( Vorph )

“« Lux Mundi » started to take shape in 2007. For almost three years, we have reworked those songs, changed things to bring them to maturity before to enter the pre-production process in 2010. This album can be seen as the achievement of what we started with “Ceremony of Opposites” & “Passage” or as a new start for S A M A E L… “ ( Xy )

“Lux Mundi” wird am 29. April erscheinen.

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