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SHINING Sänger tot?

Da Kvarforth (Sänger/ Bandchef der schwedischen Black Metaller SHINING) seit einigen Wochen unauffindbar ist, kursieren schon eine Zeit lang die wildesten Gerüchte durchs Internet. Nun hat sich die restliche Band in einem Statement geäußert:

“There have been many rumours saying that our front-man, founder Kvarforth is dead. We wish these speculations to be put to an end by telling you what we know: A couple of days ago, we received a letter from a person very close to Kvarforth telling us that Kvaforth had decided to leave this world behind and also introducing as a kind off last will, a new singer to replace him for future events of SHINING.

“All that we know for 200% is that Kvarforth has been missing for the past four weeks and might be dead; we don’t really know. For us, the band, this comes as no surprise, as he has been suffering from extreme anxiety and depressions the past six months and some truly extreme things, considering his own personal life, occurred dramatically right before he disappeared. However, we wish to send our deepest regrets to our friend and sadistical leader Kvarforth wherever he might be!

“Kvarforth did, as mentioned, involve a new singer in the band without telling us before he left. His name is Ghoul and will be introduced on the release show we are holding in December. No one of us, the band members, have meet him yet but a contact have been established via letter exchange, and as this was Kvarforth’s own will, we are now officially presenting our newest member, whoever this might be, Ghoul. It shall also be said that both me and the guys in the band have heard Kvarforth’s wish that SHINING should get a new singer if he died or disappeared but we never thought that it would come to this point! But it has so we welcome Ghoul to this misery.”

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