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SIRENIA ohne Sängerin

Henriette Bordvik hat die norwegischen Gothic Metaller SIRENIA (inkl. es-TRISTANIA Gitarrist/Sänger Morten Veland) verlassen. In einem offiziellen Statement sagt sie selbst dazu: “It’s a difficult call this one, but it has now come down to me leaving SIRENIA. Seeing how the band is working full-time on the new album — the new record deal and everything — there’s a lot coming up, and as I’m not able to give SIRENIA all the attention they need and sure as hell [are] worthy of at this very moment, we have come to the decision that it is for the best of the future of the band that we part ways. No hard feelings whatsoever, just due to a bit of musical differences and such. I don’t think SIRENIA is what really gives me the right spirit to keep going and give it all for the band. I wish them the best of luck in the future and on the next release(es), and would like to salute you all for your massive support!!”

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