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SONIC REIGN bei Metal Blade

“SONIC REIGN is exactly the band we were looking for!”, comments Metal Blade Europe spokesman Andreas Reissnauer. “Their songwriting is over the top, their technical abilities of international standards! SONIC REIGN is able to create a dark, eerie atmosphere and their songs have a groovy, crushing edge. RAW DARK PURE is modern Black Metal breathing the ancient spirit!”

SONIC REIGN was born in late 1997 as a tool to realize the shared musical vision of the two members Ben and Sebastian. After a demo MC their style changed from a melodic approach to Black Metal into modern Black Metal – the eager effort to recreate both the spirit and atmosphere of early 90s Black Metal using new means. The first record sporting this style was the MCD “the decline portrait”. The first full length album RAW DARK PURE delivers an even more extreme, dense and dark atmosphere – the member’s vision made flesh.”

SONIC REIGN comments the signing as follows: “Metal Blade Records is a very strong label and we hope and believe that SONIC REIGN as well as the label will benefit from this collaboration. We want to reach something with this band and we feel that the best way to achieve this goal is to hand the business issues over to professionals that understand and support our musical vision. Without a doubt Metal Blade fullfill this condition.”

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