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STEELWING präsentieren Tourvideo


Seht euch hier ein brandneues STEELWING Tourvideo an: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFYBuSmdoQU

Seit kurzem haben die Schweden STEELWING die Suche nach einem neuen Bassisten beendet und sind stolz, Nic Savage als neues Bandmitglied begrüßen zu dürfen:

„Sometimes what you seek is closer than you think. As we have already hinted, the search for the new Steelwing bassist is over. We’d like to thank all the groovy bass players from all over Europe who applied for the job, it’s been an honour to get to hear so many talented musicians. Eventually though, we realized that we already knew someone who felt and looked like one of us, knew all our songs by heart and – to our surprise – could also play the bass! Meet Nic Savage, blond bass thrasher and devoted US metal disciple. Armed with a scarlet Kramer 4-string, he will henceforth handle the bass duties of Steelwing.“ STEELWING

STEELWING arbeiten momentan eifrig an ihrem „Lord Of The Wasteland“ Nachfolger. Die Veröffentlichung ist für Anfang 2012 angepeilt via NoiseArt Records.

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