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TESTAMENT – Neues Video

In einem kürzlich veröffentlichten Interview mit MTV2 HeadbangersBlog.com hatten TESTAMENT folgendes über ihr neues Video zu sagen:

“We haven’t had a new video out for a long time, since ‘Low’ in ’94. Our new video is for ‘More Than Meets the Eye’, and it was created by Kevin Custer who’s worked with Kingdom of Sorrow and Beneath the Massacre among others. It was really fun working with Kevin. He really worked in tandem with the band’s vision and took it to the next level.The band went to LA and shot performance footage in front of a green screen, then Kevin turned that footage into mayhem with some “Formation of Damnation” happening in the background. We’re happy with it as our first video. We look forward to doing more videos and getting into a concept. We’re definitely pleased to have this represent us for the first one from the new record.The feel of the video is more about unearthing the demons within and the terror that wrath can incite. And as the song progresses, the mayhem takes over – a reflection of what is inside the band and the music we create… More Than Meets the Eye.” – Chuck Billy and Eric Peterson


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