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UNEARTH trennen sich von Drummer

UNEARTH machen leider folgende Ankündigung:

“After three plus years of touring the world together and playing on our latest album “The March”, we have parted ways with drummer Derek Kerswill. The most notable reason for the split are the creative differences. The time has come for Unearth to write a new album and creating music with a tight unit is the only way we can assure the best collection of songs possible. The differences between Kerswill and the band started off as subtle, but became increasingly obvious over the past few months and it was time for both parties to go their separate ways. We have shared a ton of great experiences and achieved many of the goals we set for ourselves in the time he was in the band. There is no ill will from either side of this decision and we wish him only the best moving forward.”

“Creative differences are real and unfortunately have gotten the best of me. I wish the guys luck in the future and thank you to everyone who ever loved + supported “The March”,”erklärt Kerswill.

UNEARTH werden dennoch keine Pause einlegen und schon in Kürze einen Ersatzdrummer für die anstehende Persistence Tour durch Europa präsentieren. Die Pläne und Ideen für den Nachfolger von ‚The March’, der Anfang 2011 aufgenommen werden soll, stimmen die Band mehr als positiv.

03/12/10 – BE – Deinze – Brielpoort
04/12/10 – DE – Dresden – Messe Dresden
05/12/10 – AT – Vienna – Gasometer
06/12/10 – DE – Berlin – Astra
07/12/10 – DE – Filderstadt – Filharmonie
08/12/10 – FR – Rouen – Le 106
09/12/10 – DE – Saarbrücken – Garage
10/12/10 – DE – Würzburg – Posthalle
11/12/10 – DE – Mülheim – RWE Halle
12/12/10 – NL – Eindhoven – Klokgebouw-Speed

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