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VNV NATION – Reformation 1

Hier alles über die kommende VÖ von VNV NATION im O-Ton:

VNV Nation’s next release, “Reformation 1″, will be released on April 17th in Europe and a few weeks later in North America.

This is a release that’s especially intended for VNV Nation’s fans.It will come in the form of a 3-disc, high quality Boxset containing; a 12 track live CD, a 12 track CD of remixes, rare or previously unreleased material, a DVD with 8 video edits put together by different people between 2005-08, and a book of live images as well as a wealth of information about the tracks themselves. The Box Set will be limited to 18,000 copies worldwide (9,000 copies with a PAL format DVD for Europe and 9,000 copies with an NTSC format DVD for North America). This release will also coincide with the creation of Anachron America, VNV Nation’s own label in North America.

Joy / Chrome / Testament / Nemesis / Endless Skies / Farthest Star / Procession / Entropy / Illusion / Arena / Honour 2003 / Perpetual

CD 2 – Remixes, unreleased and rare material
Chrome (Modcom Mix) / Chrome (SITD Mix) / Chrome (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix) / Interceptor (VNV ABM Version) / Nemesis (S.A.M. Remix) / Carry You (Frozen Plasma Remix) / As it fades (VNV 2nd Movement) / Still Waters (unreleased) / Precipice (unreleased) / Suffer (unreleased) / Main Theme (from Gene Generation) / Mayhem (from Gene Generation) / The Lair (from Gene Generation)

Chrome / Homeward / Farthest Star / Nemesis / / Illusion / Perpetual / Arena / Honour 2003

About Reformation :”We spent a lot of time in 2008 planning what our releases should be like from now on and this is part of the results. The original idea for Reformation was to replace the need for singles by releasing an EP or Album containing remixes, alternate versions and live versions of tracks from the album Matter and Form. We never abandoned the plan and, as ideas grew, Reformation evolved into something much bigger and better. Reformation 1 will be part of a series to release special material to our fans. We put a lot of work into this and we’re very proud of the results. We hope you will be too”.

VNV Nation will release their next full album “Of Faith, Power And Glory” in early June 2009 (tbc) and will preview material from the album at this year’s Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig.

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