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Weitere Statements bzsgl. Earthshaker Tour-Absage

Mit den finnischen MACHINE MEN und DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER, welche ja bereits in ihrem Tourtagebuch online ausführlich über die Vorkommisse während der Earthshaker Roadshock-Tour berichtet haben, gaben nun ihre Statements zum Abbruch der Tour bekannt:

“Unfortunately the rest of the tour is cancelled. We played the last gig in Nürnberg, Germany last Friday. We want to thank all people who came to see us and Earthshaker fest for supporting. The tour was organized so bad that it was impossible to do all the gigs. Three times hurray for a great Metallysee Agency, Hurray, Hurray, Hurray. They should start to do something else — growing carrots would be good thing, thank you and rock off!”

“We are really sad and sorry for not playing the complete announced shows on this tour. There happened so much incredible, unbelievable shit on this tour. In the end, the Earthshaker team decided to cancel the tour after the show in Nürnberg (Germany). One day before, Metallysee tourmanager Joey left the tour. We won’t point fingers only in one direction, but it’s obvious that Metallysee agency did their worst job ever. Shitty busses, no fucking crew at all — we felt from the first date that nobody in Metallysee team was really interested that this tour ever happened. We already spoke with our friends in FINNTROLL and AFTER FOREVER to team up for shows this fall, ’cause all the shows we played turned out really great. For some days we had in mind to continue the tour on our own, but we had to realize that we [were] stuck in the middle of contracts, tons of paperwork had to be done to keep the tour going (of course, not with all bands, but at least with the main acts). We have a pretty long tour diary online on our homepage, here you can read in detail, what really happened and who is to blame for this incredible disaster. We would like to thank all fans and bands, who nevertheless made this tour unforgetable and hope to see you all on this summer shows this year.”

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