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1349 (ARCHAON)

HEY, HOW ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TEN MINUTES AGO? Had a cancer-bringing cigarette and a glass of unholy, healthy water. „HELLFIRE“ IS AGAIN A VERY IMPRESSIVE PIECE OF TRUE BLACK METAL, HOW SATISFIED ARE YOU WITH THE RESULT? Extremely – there’s no doubt that we’ve done something very right. Not only for ourselves, but it seems like we’ve caused some reaction around in the rest of the scene as well. THE WHOLE BAND DID A GREAT JOB, BUT I HAVE TO MENTION THE DRUMMING OF FROST. HE IS REALLY UNBELIEVABLE. Thanx for that. Yes- Frost is indeed an outstanding drummer which helps us expressing our force- our call from Darkness. ARE THERE STILL SOME GUYS WHO LABEL YOU „THE BAND FEAT. FROST OF SATYRICON? (I’M HAPPY THAT THERE IS NO STICKER LIKE THAT ON ONE OF YOUR ALBUM’S) Most people seem to be aware that 1349 existed a good while before he joined the band (even before I joined), but it doesn’t really matter. That has no impact on our music- which really is what counts. SOME PEOPLE JUST CALL YOU „ANOTHER BM-BAND JUST BLASTING AND FAST“, BUT THERE IS SO MUCH MORE IN YOUR SONGS. HOW DO YOU REACT ON THOSE STUPID COMMENTS? One can find narrow-minded idiots everywhere, and we also don’t expect everyone to be able to understand our music. It is not exactly easy listening, if you see what I mean… We couldn’t care less about that. TALKING ABOUT THAT „MORE“. BESIDES THE BLACK METAL-STYLE I’VE NOTICED MANY RIFFS AND PARTS INFLUENCED BY THE 80IES/ THRASH METAL (FOR EXAMPLE ONE OF MY FAVES „SCULPTOR OF FLESH“) It’s clear that you have listened to the album… Yes- there was a lot of good bands around during the 80’s, and we share some of the sources of inspiration, such as KREATOR/ SLAYER/ CELTIC FROST. ANOTHER FAVE OF MINE IS „FROM THE DEEPS“ (BY THE WAY, WHAT’S THAT SAMPLE IN THE BEGINNING SAYING??) WITH HIS VERY DARK INTENSE ATMOSPHERE. . I would agree, saying that „From the deeps“ is truly one of the darkest tracks of the album. I believe Ravn is saying IA! IA!(War-chanting) ANOTHER REAL KILLER IS THE TITELTRACK. HOW DID YOU MAKE IT EXACTLY PLAYIN‘ 13:49MIN? WOULD IT BE POSSIBLE TO PLAY IT LIVE EXACTLY ON 13:49? WOULD BE A GREAT SONG FOR A VIDEO. Well, it actually ended up on something like 13.20 seconds or so, and then the idea came quite quickly to add some seconds to it. About performing „Hellfire“ live- we did so on the tour (We’ve just gotten back from a 5-week European tour with fellow BM’ers Gorgoroth)- a solution that seemed to work very well. Who knows- we might bring it out there in 2006 as well… FROST IS CURRENTLY WORKING ON A NEW SATYRICON ALBUM. NOW 1349 BECOMES BIGGER WITH EVERY RECORD. WILL THERE BE A PROBLEM CONCERNING PRIORITIES AND SCHEDULES IN THE FUTURE (I HOPE NOT, CAUSE I LIKE BOTH BANDS!)? No- we haven’t had problems with that yet, so I can hardly think of a scenario where we couldn’t make it work out now either. TO WHAT MUSIC ARE YOU GUYS LISTENING TO RELAX? A lot of different music. It can be anything from the most raging metal to stoner, from Pink Floyd to weird indie-rock. When that is said, the last option is more seldom. JUST IN CASE YOU WOULD HAVE THE CHANCE TO PERFORM/ WORK WITH ANY ARTIST (DEAD, ALIVE – ANY GENRE), WHO WOULD IT BE (OTHER BANDS MENTIONED NAMES FROM SLAYER TO CHR. AGUILERA) I am very comfortable in 1349 with the position I have there, but apart from that, it would have to be Carcass. DO YOU FOLLOW FOOTBALL? DO YOU THINK NORWAY WILL HAVE ANY CHANCE AGAINST GERMANY IN THE FINALS 😉 ? I am not- and have never been into football. Not because I’ve never been exposed to it- it has just never captured any of my attention. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND THE LAST WORDS ARE YOURS. Thanx for the interview, have a Anti-christmas!

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