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A BAD COMBINATION: A BONG, A FINNISH MUSICIAN AND AN EMAILER. BUT “ENJOY” FOR YOURSELF… HEY GUYS, HOW ARE YOU, WHERE ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE 10 MIN. AGO? This could be the best day of my life, but it`s not. I smoked my bong ten minutes ago. „ÄPÄRE“ IS FINISHED AND REALLY GOOD WORK. HOW SATISFIED ARE YOU WITH THE RESULT? We are full satisfied with it and personally I think it is the best album we have ever done. FOR ME IT WAS EASIER TO GET INTO THE SONGS „ÄPÄRE“ THAN INTO „TYHJYYS“. THE PERFORMANCE SEEMS TO BE TIGHTER AND SONGS MORE STRUCTURED, BUT STILL IT’S AJATTARA… WHAT’S YOUR POINT OF VIEW ABOUT THE DEVELOPMENT? You took the legs out of my mounth. AS ALWAYS THE FINNISH LANGUAGE AND THE VOCALS-STYLE FITS VERY WELL TO YOUR SONGS, BUT OF COURSE I AM NOT ABLE TO UNDERSTAND ONE THING. SO, WOULD PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT THE LYRICS ARE ABOUT. Hostile chaos created by man. MY FAVE IS „HURMASTA“ WITH ITS GREAT CHORUS (WHAT DOES IT SAY, BY THE WAY?). PERFECT FOR A VIDEO/ SINGLE. WILL THERE BE A SINGLE? There is no plan to release a single, but we will definitely make a video.“Hurmasta“ is a good option. YOUR DEBUT-ALBUM IS CALLED „ITSE“. NOW THERE IS A SONG CALLED LIKE THIS ON „ÄPÄRE“. IS THERE A CONNECTION? „Itse“ means „innerself“ and this song is about me.the whole AJATTARA existence is a one giant complex! THE SOUND OF THE ALBUM IS ALSO VERY GOOD. HOW WENT THE RECORDING-PROCESS? Recordings went well as all our sessions before. The whole band is performing on the album and it left me more time to focus on producing and the wholeness of the album. I did only rhythm guitars and vocals. YOU RECRUITED MALAKIAS III AS THE NEW DRUMMER. WHAT’S THE THING WITH „MALAKIAS I – III“? FAMILY? 😉 As I formed AJATTARA it was first in a line that the drummer is allways called MALAKIAS. As there is a different drummer now it’s obvious that he needs some kind of ID. IN OTHER INTERVIEWS YOU SAID THAT SAMUEL LEMPO WILL BE MORE INVOLVED IN THE BAND. HOW WAS HIS PARTICIPATION ON „ÄPÄRE“? He did most of the guitars and brougt very unique colour to the sound. WHO IS THE GIRL ON THE COVER 😉 AND WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THAT RUNES? She is AJATTARA our lady of Lost, as we are her humble servant’s. the Runes means ITSE, KUOLEMA, TYHJYYS, ÄPÄRE. WILL THERE NOW ALWAYS BE A BLACK COVER-ARTWORK (WHAT FITS GOOD TO AJATTARA)? Actually we thought that we will make the next cover in orange. WILL THERE BE A TOUR FOR THIS RECORD? WHAT ABOUT GERMAN DATES? We have quite many shows coming here in Finland and at least we have 2 festival gigs in Holland and Belgium.We are looking for a tour in europe but we will see what happens because of lack of money. I hope it will come true some day. YOU PLAYED THE FAMOUS TUSKA FESTIVAL AS WELL AS A GIG IN MOSCOW. PLEASE SHARE YOUR IMPRESSION WITH US: Both shows were extremely good and its allways fun to play AJATTARA shows because when we are on stage nothing else mathers. YOU RECENTLY AGAIN RELEASED YOUR CHRISTMAS-SINGLE „JOULU“. WILL THIS BE A TRADITION NOW? Yes, it is a tradition now, and we made our record label happy also with success on national chart’s (five weeks on top 3). HOW CAME THE IDEA? I MEAN, CHRISTMAS IS USUALLY NOT A THING FOR BLACK METAL… 😉 It is a reminder of what this party was originally made for, and for those followers of a lie it represents blasphemy. OF COURSE A SHORT QUESTION CONCERNING PASI’S FORMER BAND: ARE YOU FOLLOWING AMORPHIS AND HEARD THEIR NEW ALBUM „ECLIPSE“? ANY OPINION ABOUT TOMI, THE NEW VOCALIST? I know quite well what is going on with AMORPHIS becuse I see the guys very often and as you may know I still make music with some of them. Tomi Joutsen is a right man to fill the place in front of the band. AT THE END A QUESTION ABOUT THE FINNISH SCENE: THERE ARE SO MANY METALBANDS (FROM NIGHTWISH TO HORNA, FROM C.O.B. TO SONATA ARCTICA), EVERYONE SUCCESSFUL AND ALSO „CHARTBREAKER“. WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE REASON FOR THAT MANY SUCCESSFUL BANDS AND HOW IS THE UNITY IN THE FINNISH SCENE? We are so fucking good!:) THANX FOR YOUR TIME AND THE LAST WORDS ARE YOURS: Itse Kuolema Toi Tyhjyydestä Äpäreen Härkäterveisin.Ruoja (WHATEVER…)

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