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THANK YOU FOR TAKING TIME DOING THIS INTERVIEW WITH TERRORVERLAG WEBZINE. TO START OFF: HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH YOUR BAND NAME? The name of the project was born by the way of a mix of wordplay and meanings which often are coincident in different languages, too and having like etymological basis some terms of the ancient latin and grecian languages.The term “anima”means Human spirit, awareness of the man which united to the term “virus”(venefica substance and evil essence) create a broad meaning about the humanity reflextions and its actual condition. I think that humanity has lived and is living its own destructive evolution owing to its own action on this planet like a virus.Its a name which includes a reflection about the distress and extreme disquietude of the single “virus”-man, who understand its own condition, nature and corrupt world around himself. WHO IS DOING WHAT INSIDE OF THE BAND DURING THE PRODUCTION PROCESS AND LIVE ON STAGE? I do the musical production, the texts and produce the concepts. I record the voices, guitars, drums,basses and synth and take care of the mix and effects. During the shows I play guitar, Luca plays bass and Deneb synth. I take care of all the graphic aspects together with my girlfriend Claudia. HOW DOES A SONG COME TO LIFE? I create a concept, an idea, imagine a piece. I isolate myself. I contemplate it again. I play the sequencer, all my instruments and let go all my ideas which generate high and black sound waves…. However it is not easy to reproduce all the passages which combine to create every piece of the album.I ve not a standard manner to programme my music. WHAT DOES THE TITLE „END OF THE EDEN“ MEANS? From the end of the eden, the period of our inevitable transgression, springs the suffer and constant impulse to reach a gothic threshold. A strictly contact with an entity or a civilization which pulverize the antropocentric illusions. It could be interpreted like a concept album setting the atmosphere present inside the pieces , their sonorous scenery, like an immersion inside of many strong reflections about the origin and passions of the man, illusions and conquests. In this way its a concept album. But the correlations between a piece and the other one are less direct. WHEN I LISTENED TO YOUR ALBUM AT FIRST PLACE, I DID FIND MANY SIMILARITIES TO MARILYN MANSON AND SISTERS OF MERCY. DO YOU FEEL INSPIRED BY THOSE BANDS? I was very influenced from some storic bands of the goth scene (more than other:Christian Death, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Play Dead, Neon), but from Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Elvis , Roxy Music, Billy Idol, Japan and Duran Duran too, and many other several genres distant from gothic rock! Marilyn Manson has not influenced me. Probably you have this impression cause both, me and the reverend, have similar musical influences… We derive from the same generation… LET ME USE THE OPPORTUNITY TO TELL YOU THAT I LIKE YOUR MUSIC VERY MUCH. YOU COMBINE GOOD OLD GOTHIC WITH CONTEMPORARY SOUND. THIS IS A VERY GOOD MIXTURE. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO COMBINE PAST AND PRESENT? Thank you. I don’t choose between making a song more electro or not. The instinct is my guide. The Anima Virus sound is simply uncontrived. I was not influenced by styles or market requirements. I don t care about it. I will continue to follow my personal attitudes. WHY DID YOU ONLY RELEASE ONE ALBUM BESIDES SOME CDRS? YOU DO EXIST SINCE 1996…? Cause reaching perfection is not simple and I did not want to offer mediocre products to record labels even if subsequently I have changed my opinion listening to contemporary music of the last years….. WHAT TOPICS DO YOU TREAT AND REFLECT ON YOUR DEBUT ALBUM? It is about gods and goddesses and the human decay. From the historical point of view, the hypothesis of the real existence of Eden many years ago on this earth (or around it) is very interesting to me, that once happened a sort of rebellion of the human race against a superior race, which has allowed a cultural and physical extinction. I think that there’s strong correlation between images and the representation of the divine and superhuman concepts very similar in the more ancient populations and culture of this planet. WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR INSPIRATION FOR THE LYRICS? DO YOU REFLECT ON TOPICS OF YOUR REAL LIFE, OBSERVATIONS OF FICTION? Of many writers, philosophers, poets and artists. The grecian literature, archaeology, anthropology and philosophy are my great passions. At the end I think of the time which goes on relentlessly. I believe that we’re living in a corrupt world which represents the creation of ourselves and that we re surviving in this whirlwind of emotions. YOU HAVE DEDICATED ONE SONG TO A FAMOUS ARTIST FROM POLAND: ZDZISLAW BEKSINSKI. WHAT IS YOUR CONNECTION TO HIM AND HIS SCULPTURES? Surely emotive. He created very disturbing images, showing a surrealistic, post-apocalyptic environment with very detailed scenes of death, decay, landscapes filled with skeletons, deformed figures and deserts. The cold surrealism, the unnervy dream visions, the post-apocaliptyc silences of this artist have strongly influenced me. For this reason I’ve tributed to him an instrumental track of “End of the Eden” looking for reproducing by sonoric key the agonizing and dilated atmospheres of his pictures.. MUSIC IS… HOW WOULD YOU FINISH THAT SENTENCE? The vibration of the soul which fells over the experience and someone else’s feeling manner. WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY THINK ABOUT YOUR MUSICAL CAREER? Often people say that my pieces are goth-hits completely unfashionable. This in fact honours me. They say that cause it is the truth. I come from a part of Italy where judgment is honest and sincere. HOW WOULD you describe Anima Virus with three words? Obscure, original, diseased. „END OF THE EDEN“ DEALS WITH THE BIBLE, AS THE TITLE SAYS. WHAT IS YOUR ATTITUDE TOWARDS THE BIBLE AND RELIGION IN GENERAL? The bible is an enormous code. Inside of it, as well as other ancient scriptures of culture and religions, there s our history written out form of metaphor and parables. The history which unites man with gods and the ancient fathers who came from other worlds. The christian culture has indirectly influenced my manner of being but the knowledge, the study of philosophy and anthropology and the contents of your preceding question make me feel to understand religion in a different way. YOU ARE FROM ITALY. HOW CAN YOU DESCRIBE THE SCENE THERE? There are many interesting bands but substantially the people want to dance lonely. The goth scene is under control almost entirely by djs, false djs and dance halls. But I dont think its only an italian tendency… ARE THERE REALLY GOOD UNDERGROUND CLUBS AND CLUB CULTURE IN ITALY? There are two or three good clubs. WITH WHICH ARTIST WOULD YOU LIKE TO COOPERATE WITH? Bauhaus. WILL WE HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY OF SEEING YOU LIVE SOMEWHERE? We’re organizing some dates in Italy, Belgium, England and Germany for the next months. MANY THANKS FOR THE INTERVIEW. DO YOU HAVE ANY FINAL REMARKS OR A MESSAGE YOU WANT TO ADDRESS TO OUR READERS? Thank you very much for this interview and continue listening to us…

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