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IM LETZTEN HERBST WAREN SIE ZIEMLICH SPONTAN AUF TOUR IN GOOD OLD GERMANY UND NACH EINEM KONZERT IM NAHEN MÜNSTER BEI MIR ZU GAST. IM FEBRUAR KAM DANN DAS DEBÜT „GIFTES PART 1&2“ IN DIE PLATTENLÄDEN UND JETZT HATTE ICH NOCH EINMAL PER MAIL DIE GELEGENHEIT, EIN WENIG MIT DAMO EZEKIEL HOLMES, DEM SÄNGER VON ANTLERED MAN ZU PLAUDERN. DER LONDONER ERZÄHLTE VON KONZERTEN, KALTEN NÄCHTEN AUF AUTOBAHNPARKPLÄTZEN, LANGWEILIGEN JOBS UND DER KOMPROMISSLOSEN LIEBE ZUR MUSIK UND DEM WUNSCH, FÜR ALLE ZEITEN MUSIK MACHEN ZU KÖNNEN. HELLO EVERYBODY AND CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR DEBUT „GIFTES PART 1&2“. I LIKE THE ALBUM – AND I ALSO HAD THE PLEASURE TO SEE YOU (AND KELLERMENSCH) ON STAGE IN NOVEMBER IN MÜNSTER. WHICH KIND OF FEEDBACK DID YOU GET ON YOUR ALBUM? Hi Ulrike, we remember that gig because they tried to pay us with Pizza and you saved us with a warm place to sleep, danke. We have had great feedback from the album, I think everyone has wanted some different strange rock from an English band because we (English musicians) have been kind of slow with our imported music and not produced an eclectic rock band for a while, but here we are. The feedback has been great and we think (and hope) people would like to hear more. THREE MONTHS ARE GONE SINCE RELEASING THE ALBUM, WHAT HAPPENED IN BETWEEN? We have started writing the next album and are demoing as I type this to you, we are planning a bigger second album and really hope that people will embrace the next record with as much excitement as we have been writing it, a lot of our dream producers are talking with us about making it so hopefully by the end of the year we can announce all of the information, we have also been touring England a lot since coming back from Germany with GIFTES 1&2 and the response has been great all over the country, we have awesome fans all over the world. HOW DID YOU SURVIVE THE AUTUMN-TOUR WITH SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR AND KELLERMENSCH? SEEMED TO BE VERY SHORT-TERMED…. AND A LITTLE BIT CHAOTIC. INCLUDING THE FACT THAT NOBODY MADE A HOTEL RESERVATION….AND YOU SOMETIMES HAD TO SLEEP IN YOUR CAR. OR YOU HAD TO LOOK FOR A PRIVATE ACCOMMODATION…. (JUST LIKE YOU HAD WITH ME?) We are very thick skinned and to be honest, 20 years ago bands had a much harder time when they were touring, it makes you a stronger band if you have to sleep in a freezing autobahn van park, you play more angry and hungry when you play a show in the evening. We have the best job in the world so why should we complain about sleeping in a van? It could be worse and we work in an office! The tour was worth it, but we would like to thank everyone who gave us a bed, including yourself Ulrike, and the fresh bread rolls. MAYBE THIS CHAOS ENABLED YOU TO LIVE THINGS THAT ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO SEE OR FEEL, WHEN EVERYTHING´S PERFECT. I MEAN, NOT SO MANY LONDONERS’ HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEE DEERS… OUTDOORS…. CAN YOU REMEMBER FUNNY MOMENTS? WHAT DID YOU LIKE THE MOST? Exactly, I think if we were very comfortable then we would sound shit, because our sound is the sound of an uncomfortable world, so you must live it before you preach it. The thing I enjoyed the most was waking up in a different part of Germany every day because I love Germany and it’s so beautiful, I think it’s my second home to England. The people have a genuine love for music and will travel 100’s of km to watch you play, sometimes it’s hard to get people to travel 5 miles in England. A funny moment would have been when 20 armed police pulled us over in Düsseldorf and searched our van for drugs but they were all gone. YOU TRAVELLED THROUGH DIFFERENT EUROPEAN COUNTRIES. DID YOU EXPERIENCE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE AUDIENCES? IN WHICH COUNTRY ARE PEOPLE MOST EXCITED? AND WHERE DID YOU SEE MORE CALM AUDIENCES? Well, in Poznan, the audience were already very drunk before we went on stage so the first note we played they just went crazy and in Prague they had a lot of goth guys who at first didn’t like the way we looked but then when we played they also went crazy, some places were more calm and reserved but they still enjoyed the music. Hamburg is always great to play; I think the only calm night was Munster, unfortunately. I HEARD THAT YOU PLANNED A NEW TOUR IN AUTUMN. WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO TRAVEL TO? Every day we are getting more offers but so far we are playing some festivals in Germany which are Eier mit speck festival, Trebur open air and a few shows in Berlin at Schokoladen and South of the mainstream and also in Holland at the Incubate festival, then we come back to England for a 3 week tour with KNUCKLEDRAGGER. We are booking up more and more shows so there will be plenty more. HOW DID YOU START MAKING MUSIC? When you all work in a warehouse stacking newspapers, the only way out is music. WHAT MAKES MUSIC SPECIAL FOR YOU? MAKING MUSIC BY YOURSELF? Music is the greatest artistic outlet, it combines everything that makes you all summed up into one feeling. There is no other feeling than playing music; it’s special because it’s your creation. HOW DID YOU COME TOGETHER? We all met in the warehouse I mentioned stacking newspapers, me and Danny used to play VELVET UNDERGROUND, MELVINS and BUTTHOLE SURFERS in the little corner of the warehouse; it pissed everyone off but Oliver and Sam so I guess it was some kind of destiny. AND HOW DID YOU FIND THE NAME OF YOUR BAND? We wanted a name that we could make any kind of music in, if you are called METALLICA then you know you are getting Metal, they are not going to make a Jazz/ Folk/ Metalcore album, but if you’re called ANTLERED MAN, you probably can. PS: We love METALLICA. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR MUSIC? Dark side of the moon, but very drunk and angry, we embrace so many different types of music into our own. I guess it’s even hard for us to describe our own music. It’s very „in your face“. HOW DO YOUR SONGS DEVELOP? SITTING TOGETHER AND THINKING ABOUT NEW SONGS OR IS EVERYONE THINKING ALONE ABOUT IDEAS AND SONGS…. Danny will usually come in with the guitar parts and then we work what we do into the sound, we scrutinise every part that we come up with until it is right, because we know each other so well, we know what to play when we first hear it, but sometimes it could just be one word that triggers a reaction inside our brain and we write a complete song around that one word. It’s very spontaneous but also very militant. WHAT KIND OF PLANS DO YOU HAVE FOR THE FUTURE? To make ANTLERED MAN the most formidable rock group on the planet, to challenge ideas and boundaries and make ourselves better all the time. We want to do this for the rest of our lives, and make great albums for people to enjoy. But for the near future, we are going to tour the hell out of the world until no one can ignore us. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WHEN YOU’RE NOT ON STAGE OR ON REHEARSAL? We go to the gym and work on our abs, or we work our shitty part time jobs to pay the rent. Boring stuff. YOU LIVE IN LONDON. IMAGINE ME VISITING THE CITY FOR A WEEKEND. WHAT ARE THINGS I MUST HAVE SEEN? WHAT ´S NOT SO INTERESTING? You must see Victor the homeless millionaire, he walks around the streets of south London and if you try and speak to him, he responds with mouth farting, I have seen him around since I was 10 years old but apparently he’s a millionaire according to the rumours. You must go to the Prince Charles Theatre in Soho, which shows great old movies for really cheap. Do not visit any of the obvious landmarks of London, Also don’t visit the Queen’s house, she’s never inside and wouldn’t let you in anyway. ARE THERE THINGS YOU KIKES THE MOST IN GERMANY? PLACES, ADVENTURES, MEETINGS….. The beer is there in abundance, we like that stuff. The music venues in Germany are really strong too, good loud sound systems. Adventure? Well the last tour was a big adventure, we slept anywhere, drank way to much and eat muesli out of dog bowls in the back of our van for breakfast. The other boys jumped into a freezing river in Landsberg am Lech in the middle of November, I’m not that adventurous though, I don’t like freezing my balls off. WHAT ABOUT THE BRITISH MUSIC-SCENE? ARE THERE INTERESTING NEWCOMERS? OR DO YOU THINK THAT FOR THE MAIN PART THE SALES VOLUME IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE QUALITY? There are some, but most of it is for sale value. I mean, look at THE VACCINES, it’s just diet MARY CHAIN. I blame 16 year old girls who get too much pocket money to spend on shit. There are some great bands over here though like- AND SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR, EXIT INTERNATIONAL, PALEHORSE, HAWK EYES, there are a few more underground bands who are trying to break through with new stuff. WHICH KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO, WHEN YOU’RE ON THE ROAD? I usually make up some compilation CDs for the long journeys which have different music on. But the favourites to listen to are QUEEN, WU TANG CLAN, MIKE PATTON, BEASTIE BOYS and MELVINS. But we also have some really embarrassing music too like JOURNEY, DIO, AC/DC, ZZ TOP. I’VE BEEN TO IRELAND IN APRIL AND I HAD TO GET USED TO DRIVING ON THE LEFT DID THE RIGHT-HAND-TRAFFIC MAKE YOU ANY PROBLEMS? ANY DELICATE YOU HAVE BEEN IN? We nearly crashed a few times, but like Hulk Hogan once said „If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room“. APROPOS DELICATE SITUATION. IMAGINE, YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE. WHICH 3 THINGS WOULD YOU TRY TO RESCUE? My boots, my guitar and my bag of weed. That’s all I need. IMAGINE, A FAIRY GODMOTHER GIVES YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO FULFIL 3 WISHES. WHICH WOULD THAT BE? Kill Rupert Murdoch Kill Nickleback World peace ARE THERE SITUATIONS WHERE YOU MAKE NO COMPROMISES AND ARE THERE SITUATIONS WHERE ADMISSIONS ARE OKAY FOR YOU? I would sound like a liar if I said we never compromise, but when it comes to the music there is no compromise, we take advice from people but at the end of the day it’s our band and if we fuck it up then it’s our fault not someone else’s, which in the past due to working with a lot of idiots who’s advice we’ve taken we’ve been inclined to blame them for any downfall we may have. Sometimes you have to compromise, like we wanted to play naked smoking pipes but we were advised against it because a lot of record labels were coming to the show, so we left our pants on. I HOPE, THAT YOUR WISHES AND AMBITIONS CAN BE REALIZED WITHOUT MAKING COMPROMISES AND I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST FOR THE FUTURE. Thank you very much. I LOOK FORWARD TO SEE YOU IN AUTUMN IN GERMANY AND IF THERE IS NO HOTEL RESERVATION…. MY “BED & BREAKFAST” IS OPENING FOR YOU. THE LAST WORDS ARE YOURS! See you at your Bed and Breakfast.

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