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HI, HOW ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE 10 MINUTES AGO? This is L.Koder of BISHOP OF HEXEN. Writing to you from tel-aviv, isra-hell. It`s a typical hot and humid summer night outside (75% humidity and 30 degrees). And I finished rolling me a nice spliff 10 minutes ago. FIRST OF ALL CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR NEW ALBUM. ARE YOU CONTENT WITH EVERYTHING? Thanks a lot. Well you know…we are very pleased with the outcome of our sweat and labour. Of course there isn’t such thing as too much promotion…hehe You always feel there is more to be done. But other then that… all is well. FIRST TO THE MUSIC. THE SONGS ARE REALLY WELL COMPOSED, VERY DIVERSE AND VERY THEATRICAL. HOW DIFFICULT/ EASY IS IT FOR ARIEL.E AND DIMROST TO FIND SOME COMMON GROUND ON WHICH TO BASE COMPOSING? Thanks again! Nice question if I may add… Well… Dimrost is a very dominant keyboard composer. Very „big“ chords oriented, „larger then life “ sound freak. While Ariel is a very very technical guitarist while his abilities don’t really come through the album. So I can`t say there weren`t mutual trade offs…hehe. I guess they found a sweet spot. No sweeping key runs, and not a lot of guitar tech solos. So they had an interesting experience melting both their styles into one concept. But You have to judge for yourself if the composing process went well between them. OTHER BANDS OFTEN NEED MORE THAN 10 MINUTES TO EXPRESS THEMSELFS IN A SONG. HOW DO YOU CREATE THIS REALLY DARK ATMOSPHERE IN “JUST” 6 MINUTES? Our first album had very long end epic songs. Our goal for this album was to create punchier tracks. Short, sharp,cut tracks. To unleash a whole story in shorter time. I believe the history of BM is full of good examples of tracks which had an immense dark atmosphere in them and where short. I think on the first 4 seconds of a „riff“ you can here if it`s dark or not. It`s all about composing. YOU WRITE THE LYRICS. DO YOU DO THIS AFTER, BEFORE OR WHILST THE MUSIC IS CREATED? Hey that`s one for me! It`s totally symbiotic. I have an abstract idea of what I am going to write. We have a concept which makes it easier …it`s like painting within the grid lines. And when I hear the songs themselves there are some sounds tunes that really „create“ the lyrics for me. VERY INTERESTING IS YOUR LYRICAL CONCEPT. YOU DON’T USE THE SAME TERMS OTHER BLACK METAL-BANDS USE. YOU DON’T WRITE ABOUT SATAN AS THE HORNED ONE OR ABOUT WAR OR ABOUT KILLING CHRISTIANS… IN YOUR POINT OF VIEW EVERY HUMAN IS SATAN FROM TIME TO TIME. PLEASE TELL US MORE ABOUT THIS INTERESTING ASPECT. Take a look at CNN from time to time ….and tell me if you don`t see Satan roaming earth like a motherfucker. No need to invent myths and fairytales…`s all around us. Man is the only creature that kills systematically his own kind. Do I need to say more? DID YOU WRITE THE WHOLE SONGS AFTER THE NEW MEMBERS JOINED OR DID YOU ALSO USED SOME ALREADY EXISTING IDEAS? When we were re-formed as the „new“ bishop, we started every thing from scratch. We actually re-invented ourselves. YOU READ THE BIBLE IN HEBREW. HOW DIFFERENT IS THIS VERSION COMPARED TO THE TRANSLATIONS MOST OF THE CHRISTIANS HAVE ON THEIR NIGHTSTANDS? Firstly most Christians have the „new testament“ near their nightstands. Not the bible. Second: Most of the Hebrew language is 5000 years old. So words inside the Hebrew bible cannot be translated exactly into English. It doesn’t have the same meaning. Lets take a sentence for example: This is the English version: „and Satan dwelled on earth“… and the Hebrew version „ve hasatan mashut baaaretz ve mistovev ba“. „mashut“ has been translated as „dwells“ when actually this describes Satan as „probing“. The earth, the hearts of men. The Hebrew version is far more powerful. Hey look at what happened to Madonna. WHAT DO YOU THINK HOW MUCH IMPACT HAVE THE WRONG INTERPRETATIONS AND TRANSLATIONS ON THE WORLD EVOLUTION? PPPHHHHEEWWW. Man this is one vast question! I think any one knows the impact of WRONG INTERPRETATIONS. Every where, imagine yourself saying something wrong at the bank ….this could fuck up your whole account……more over when we are talking on the bible and human history. This is linked directly to your next question. DID THESE DIFFERENCES ACCIDENTALLY HAPPEN OR ARE THEY PLANNED BY THE CHURCHES ALL OVER THE YEARS? I don’t believe that things happened accidentally. NO way! This is a carefully planned strategic plan made through years of incitement. I can`t emphasize enough on how the church has deliberately led people to believe in stupid (no other words for it sorry) silly stuff through out history. Want an example? Jesus. was a jew. You, Christians. are all ….ahhmm….sons of a jew. You are all jews. It`s a fact. HOW WOULD THE EARTH BE LIKE IF THERE WOULDN’T BE A BIBLE OR RELIGION IN GENERAL? We are united in what we believe. And we are separated in our religions. We would be as one. THE TITLE “THE NIGHTMARE COMPOSITIONS” SOUNDS A BIT LIKE A COMPILATION OF SONGS. IS THERE A REAL CONCEPT OR CAN EVERY SONG ALSO WORK ALONE? Yes. Every song is microcosmic. So it`s works fine as a single track. And works even better as a part of a whole. MY FAVOURITES ARE “THE SOMBER OF GROUNDS OF TRUTH” AND ESPECIALLY “DREAMING… DEMENTIA” (LISTENING TO THAT ONE IN A DARKENED ROOM IS REALLY IMPRESSIVE…). WHAT ARE YOUR FAVES? IS THERE A “LEADING TRACK”? Hey you know the cliché ….:“it`s like choosing between your father and mother..“, Or your children… I personally like Each song.honest to god. WHAT INFLUENCES YOUR CREATIONS THE MOST? BOOKS? MOVIES? THE REAL LIFE? Well I think by the this time our patient readers have a fair idea on what influences us. I am very influenced by history books. And because in „real life“ I work in advertising … I tend to research almost every aspect of human behaviour. YOU AND ARIEL.E JOINED BOTH LATE 2003 AND ARE ALREADY STRONGLY INVOLVED IN SONGWRITING. WERE THEY ALSO THE DRIVING FORCE TO BRING THIS BAND BACK TO LIFE? OR WOULD YOU HAVE STARTED AGAIN IN ANY CASE? Well… a band is a group and a group as such has more „drive“. Things happened at the same time. So there is no way to answer this question. Prophecy is for fools. YOUR BASS-MAN CALLS HIMSELF “SEELENFOLTER”, A GERMAN WORD. DOES HE HAVE ANY CONNECTION TO MY HOME-COUNTRY? OR IS IT THE STRONG SOUND OF THIS LANGUAGE? Well…he is a deutsch fanatic. And he is of German origin. And has a German family name. TALKING ABOUT CONNECTIONS: YOU ARE BASED IN ISRAEL, HOW STRONG IS YOUR SCENE? HOW CLOSE/ IMPORTANT IS THE CONTACT TO OTHER BANDS? I think Israel has a very developed BM scene. From the very beginning people have been very up-to-date in „what`s going on“ in the World. But when death metal was big more first class bands came to appear here. You must admit that the majority of people in the world think Israel is a „hell hole“ at the bottom of the world. it ain`t so appealing to big bands to come here and I can understand that. And it certainly doesn`t do good to our scene. Distance has taken it`s toll on most of the contact we had with other bands. HOW DID YOU FIND YOUR WAY TO DARK MUSIC AND HOW DID YOUR FAMILY/ FRIENDS REACT? Firstly.. Ppl still react! Specially when you reaching your 30s and still hearing and playing this music. I bet 95% of the parents of metal fans around the world would prefer their loved ones hearing Modern Talking or MADONNA. My mother lives in denial. hehe. I think this fucked up country and bitch of a world has led us all into this music. HOW DIFFICULT IS IT TO GET LIVE GIGS IN YOUR COUNTRY? AND OF COURSE HOW DIFFICULT IS IT TO GET A SLOT IN A EUROPEAN TOUR? Getting a gig is never hard. Producing a great gig is hard all over the world. Getting a slot in a European tour is harder for Israelis. Just think of the costs of shipping our asses across the world, When they can get dimmu borgir coming in by train. A VISUAL IMPLEMENTATION OF YOUR “NIGHTMARE COMPOSITIONS” WOULD BE VERY INTERESTING TO SEE FOR SURE. ANY IDEAS OR VISIONS? Man the only way to visually implementing nightmarish, is LSD. (JUST IF YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS:) WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE PROBLEMS IN YOUR AREA? HOW WILL THE CONFLICT BETWEEN ISRAEL AND PALISTINE END? WILL IT EVER END? (*WITHOUT GETTING INTO WHO IS WRONG OR WRITE) I think the problems in our area will be solved when for example, Dear Frau Merkel will get her ass down here and say: This is too important for me to pass by and not interact. I am here to help you solve this problem. And this should be done by other leaders of the world as well. Only then this would end. As a former soldier in the IDF (like most Israelis), I can whisper a little secret in your ear: This area has the biggest potential of becoming the number one security hazard of the world. Cause it ain`t Israel against Palestine no more. It`s about USA, UK, Israel and some other countries on one side. And Iran, Syria, North korea, Palestine etc. on the other side. Make a simple one plus one : Iran = oil USA = loves oil Israel = USA (best friends)…so they say. Iran sends money to Palestinian terrorists = Israel get hit. Israel gets hit = USAa gets hit. So USA against Iran is in the horizon = gas prices in Germany fucking rise to 7 euro (maybe more – keep this interview in mind two years from now) per litter in no time. Do you still think it’s Israel vs Palestine? AS long as there are cars running on oil (gas) there will be small wars around the world. It`s all about resources. whether it`s land,water, air or oil. It ain`t prophecy it`s politics. They replaced the malicious control of the church with venomous mind tricks to make us hate each other and love them. They are Satan little minions and they spread his poisonous sperm across the globe. To divide and conquer us. For the same all time classic reason :greed. THE LAST WORDS ARE YOURS: Choose alone Never run Dream to live Live to dream And unveil your curtain of sanity. Thanks to all our fans where ever they are. You are the best reward for an artist. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND ALL LUCK FOR YOUR GREAT RECORD! It`s been a pleasure. One of the most intelligent and enjoyable interviews WE had lately. Thanks.

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