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HI GUYS, HOW ARE / WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE 10 MIN. AGO? Im George, I Sing for Blacklisted, around ten minutes ago, I was at a rest stop on tour getting peanut m&m’s. YOUR RECORD IS OUT AND VERY IMPRESSIVE. HOW SATISFIED ARE YOU WITH THE RESULT? So far things are looking good, Im happy with the record. HOW DID YOU FIND YOUR WAY TO HARDCORE-MUSIC? I think hardcore found its way to me, through friends I had at the time. YOUR LYRICS ARE VERY PERSONAL. HOW IMPORTANT IS IT FOR YOU TO LET THESE FEELINGS OUT? Its necessary for me because I have no other outlets, hardcore music has given me the opportunity to let emotions out I would normally keep inside, and maybe in doing that some other person will hear them and be able to relate. HOW WOULD THESE EMOTIONS COME OUT, IF YOU WOULDN’T HAVE THE CHANCE TO PUT IT INTO MUSIC? I have no idea, I would probably be a stunt man or something MY FAVES ARE “TOURIST” (FOR THE LYRICS) AND “WHAT’S WRONG WITH GEORGE?” (FOR THIS KILLER-GROOVE). DO YOU HAVE FAVES OR A SONG YOU WANT TO POINT OUT? I like every song, every song has a personal place for me, because it is my life the record is about, I really like “Brightest Son”, if I had to pick one at this moment. THE ARTWORK LOOKS COOL. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SAY WITH THIS HEART AND ALL THE THINGS STUCK IN IT? What I wanted to say was in the music, the art was the artists idea, that’s what I like about our record, is we just gave someone the title of our record, and they could create there own idea out of it, it fits in with our record, life never stops, it keeps going and going. I WAS A BIT SAD, CAUSE THERE ARE JUST 23 MIN. OF GREAT MUSIC ON THE ALBUM. OK, THIS PLAYING-TIMES ARE NOT UNUSUAL IN HC, BUT DO YOU UNDERSTAND IF FANS ARE NOT… LET’S SAY “AMUSED”… WHEN THEY HAVE TO PAY 1,5 EUROS FOR ONE MINUTE OF MUSIC? I think people can appreciate the record for the time frame it is in, its not easy to write a LP in our case 13 songs, we aren’t gonna have every song be 6 minutes and an epic ballad, we try to keep them under two minutes, I hope people like it for what it is, and don’t worry about the time of the record, and concentrate on the music. IN THESE DAYS NEARLY EVERY NEW BAND MIX HC AND METAL. YOU DO STRAIGHT HARDCORE. DO YOU HAVE ANY RELATIONS TO METAL? I personally do not know anything about metal outside of ENTOMBED, im not a big fan, our bass player however is really into death metal, so that is my relation. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS SO CALLED “METALCORE”.THING? I think its cool as long as the people doing it are sincere, to many times in that genre the bands just become less sincere, and more about trying to look like women and wear make up, two things which im not really into, but if that’s the music you feel, and you play with your heart, not your fashion, then good for you IN JANUARY YOU’LL COME TO EUROPE WITH TERROR (WHAT A GREAT BAND!!!). DO YOU EVER BEEN TO GERMANY AND WHAT DO YOU EXPECT TO EXPERIENCE HERE? My father was actually in the U.S. Army and was stationed in Germany and I was born there, But I hope the shows are just fun, im not expecting too much, because we have never been there as a band before, so I just hope its fun NEW YEAR’S EVE IS NEAR. SO, WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS/INTENTIONS/HOPES FOR 2006? I hope we tour about ten months out of the year next year, and just shred, maybe write some new songs for a new record, hang out, just live life. I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR GERMANY-GIGS AND WISH YOU ALL THE BEST. LAST WORDS ARE YOURS FOR THE GERMAN HC-AUDIENCE: We will be there in January with TERROR and DONNYBROOK…with our new record “The Beat Goes On”, we hope to see you at the shows…

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