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“Obama has in many ways the exact same policies that Bush had and the exact same kind of people backing him up. Just different names and faces, but the same new world order policy. A wolf in sheep’s clothes.” HOW ARE YOU, WHERE ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE 10 MIN. AGO ? 😉 Dom: Hey, this is Dom. Guess what, 10 minutes ago I answered another interview! “SURVIVAL” IS OUT AND AGAIN VERY STRONG. THE REACTIONS SHOULD BE VERY SATISFYING! Dom: Yes, we can’t complain at all. Reviews have been great and people close to us as well as a lot of people keep telling us that it’s our best album so far. Considering it’s our first album with Rob on vocals, of course we’re more than satisfied! AFTER “WAR” YOU HAD A LOT OF LINE UP-TROUBLES IN THE BAND. PLEASE TELL US MORE ABOUT THAT IN YOUR POINT OF VIEW. Dom: Well, it started with Che leaving the band. To make a long story short, after some fill-ins, Kevin joining and leaving again (due to health reasons), Rob finally took over the mic. Roel had to quit playing drums due to a nerve damage in his arm, that’s when we asked Roy – who already filled in on drums for half a year – to become a steady member. Andries joined us to fill the open spot that Rob has left on bass. In the end, I think this is the strongest line-up we’ve ever had. AFTER CHE LEFT THE BAND MANY FANS THOUGHT THIS COULD BE THE END FOR BORN FROM PAIN. DID YOU HAVE ANY THOUGHTS ABOUT CALL IT QUITS? Dom: No, not at all. We always felt that it could be a chance for us, rather than throwing away all the achievements Born From Pain has come to in more than 10 years. I can see why people might think it could be the end of a band if the singer leaves. But in our situation I guess we managed to keep the band alive on a high quality level, if not better than ever before. Besides that, the vibe in the band is way better than it has been the past 4 years and we are still 200% motivated and always were, so why quit? WHY DIDN’T ROB TAKE OVER THE SLOT AS VOCALIST RIGHT AFTER CHE LEFT? Dom: Back then we already thought that it would be the most logical step for Rob and the band. But Rob’s voice was too fucked up, due to some health problems. So we decided to look for different singers at first. Like I said before, Kevin joined the band, but had to leave again due to health reasons. By that time Rob’s voice has recovered a lot already and with additional hard training he managed to get it completely back on track. We recorded some demos, practiced a lot and finally came to the conclusion that it’s the perfect addition to the Born From Pain sound. ANY THOUGHTS ABOUT TRYING TO GET CHE BACK? Dom: None. WAS IT VERY DIFFICULT TO GET THE RIGHT CHEMISTRY BACK INTO THE BAND TO START THE NEXT ALBUM? Dom: I guess I covered the line-up situation already. But I can add that both Roy (ex-37StabwoundZ) and Andries (ex-The Setup) have been good friends for a long time, so at the point when both joined the band the chemistry was good enough already. The current line-up feels like we’ve been playing together for way more than just half a year. It feels great to have a consistent line-up again! Both those guys are good musicians as well. Adding the good vibe to that, it was all pretty easy actually… SO “SURVIVAL” STANDS FOR THE BAND AS WELL AS FOR MANY TOPICS AND SITUATIONS IN THE WORLD. PLEASE TELL US MORE ABOUT THE LYRICS. Rob: Well, “Survival” doesn’t stand for the situation with the band at all actually… However, it does stand for the situation we are faced with in the world we live in, yes. The whole album actually deals with the cold-heartedness of what you would call the power elite that tries to rule this world by their standards and laws. The lie, steal and betray us and take away our freedom bit by bit to try and get complete control of everything in this world. The past economic crisis was another power move to get more control over the financial markets and it seems to have worked. There are powers at work behind the scenes that do not openly appear and communicate about what they are doing and planning. We try to raise awareness of these powers that fight against us people. SURVIVAL is a call for resistance and a call for solidarity among the people to show this scum that enough is enough. HOW LONG DID YOU WORK ON THE RECORD AND HOW MUCH WORK WAS IT TO FIND ALL THE SAMPLES? Rob: We wrote the music and lyrics over a period of about 3 months. After that it took another month for recording and mixing everything. The whole concept thing, the websites, the get active! Actions on the internet and in our local communities took a bit longer to set up and create, but it’s all good! YOU ALSO UPLOADED SOME SHOCKING VIDEOS TO YOUR HOMEPAGE. Rob: Well, shocking but true. This is the way that the powers that be try to keep us in line. If you do not walk in line expect to be treated this way. We but those videos there as well to show that there are loads of people fighting them and that, even if it might seem shocking, sometimes violence is the only language they seem to understand. We shouldn’t accept all the misery they shove down our throats. Remember, this is a call for warfare. THE MUSICAL DIRECTION STILL CONTAINS A LOT OF DEATH/ THRASH METAL-TUNES, BUT GOES A BIT MORE INTO HC THIS TIME. IS THIS A NATURAL DEVELOPMENT OR A CONSCIOUS DECISION? Dom: I don’t know if it’s more or less hardcore than the previous records. We draw so much inspiration from all kinds of music, mainly hardcore and metal of course, and try to put that into Born From Pain. We focused a lot on our songwriting again and tried to make each and every song on Survival to be strong enough on its own, not only in the context of a whole album. So whatever musical direction people hear with this record, it’s definitely a natural development rather than a conscious decision. We write and we play the music we love, not what we think could be a reasonable thing to do just because it might be trendy or whatever. IN THE LAST WEEKS I SAW A FEW DISCUSSIONS IN INTERNET-BOARDS ABOUT “BORN FROM PAIN = NOT AGAINST NAZIS”, CAUSE OF THE “HOUR OF THE WOLF”-SHIRT, THE FONT THE BANDNAME IS WRITTEN IN AND THAT “THE NEW HATE” IS A POPULAR SONG IN NAZI-GROUPS. DID YOU HAD ANY PROBLEMS OR CONTACT WITH THAT KIND OF THINGS? Rob: What complete and utter bullshit. Sorry to say so, but someone that comes up with that kind of stuff needs a head-check. When we play live we are one of the few bands that speaks out against fascism and racism at practically every show we play, even when there are Nazis in the room. Just take a look at our past couple of cd’s and take a look at interviews, lyrics, etc. Someone who actually even starts discussing that is very clearly too lazy to look into this band and must have an attention problem… “The New Hate” is about the rise of a New World Order it is against everything rightwing. If the far right listens to it, I can’t help it, I mean, how can I stop that? I can’t. I can just hope that they listen to the lyrics and the message and hope they reconsider their political views and give up far right ideals. After all, we are trying to create change. Obviously we cannot always control who buys what… no one can… OBAMA WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE USA. NOW, MANY PEOPLE HOPE FOR THE SURVIVAL OF THE USA AND SOLUTIONS FOR THE WHOLE WORLD. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM THE NEW PRESIDENT? Rob: Actually, to be honest, nothing new… Obama has been lifted into office with money from the same people that put Bush there. With Bush they have had a conservative in office that they needed to pull through their policies. The conservatives have become so unpopular over there in the public eye by now that they just bet on another horse to win their race. This one has charisma, is popular and is loved , so he can get away with way more than Bush or any conservative would have been able to if they had one this election. Conservatives, democrats, all the same. It is about the Wall Street money that backs them up in their campaign and anything else they do. Obama got 4x as much money from the rich elite at Wall Street than McCain did. This already gives you an idea where the powers behind political America have their bets on. Obama wants the war in Afghanistan, still speaks of war in Iran and even talks about possible actions against Russia. Obama has in many ways the exact same policies that Bush had and the exact same kind of people backing him up. Just different names and faces, but the same new world order policy. A wolf in sheep’s clothes. BACK TO MUSIC: YOUR TOUR ALREADY STARTED IN THESE DAYS. WHAT CAN THE FANS EXPECT OTHER THAN A TRUE ENERGY METAL/ HARDCORE-SHOW? Dom: Like you say, that’s what the fans can always expect from us. You will never see a Born From Pain show where we don’t push ourselves to the limits. Besides that, we’re just working on a few things to add some extras to our set. People should come out to the shows on Persistence tour and see for themselves. ALREADY MORE PLANS FOR TOURING AND IN GENERAL? Dom: Yeah, there’s a lot coming up for us in 2009, a headline tour in February/ March, probably some more touring in April and May and of course Festivals all summer long. Besides that we’ll hopefully tour the US and Japan again, go back to Russia once more and maybe get the chance to finally play countries in Asia again. MY LAST AND TRADITIONAL QUESTION: IF YOU COULD WORK/ PLAY WITH ANY ARTIST/ PERSON OF ANY GENRE, DEAD OR ALIVE, WHO WOULD IT BE? Dom: That’s usually a tough question for me… There’s so many great artists out there, I wouldn’t even know where to start. I guess if Freddie Mercury was still alive I would love to play second guitar next to Brian May. Or playing with Metallica on the “Ride The Lightning” tour. Guitar lessons from Paul Gilbert. Producing an album with Steve Albini or Rick Rubin. Don’t get me started haha… THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND GOOD LUCK WITH THIS STRONG RECORD AND ON TOUR!

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