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CONGRATULATIONS! YOUR NEW ALBUM IS READY. DID ALL GO WELL DURING THE RECORDING OF “LOCATION: COLD”? Riku: Hey there. Well, everything did not go as planned in the studio, as they always doesn’t, heh. We had a huge problem when our vocalist Olli started to sing his parts on the album – he lost his voice after singing four songs because of infection in his throat. We had to make a decision and replace the missing vocals with our dear friend Antti Haapsamo from Mors Subita. Though this was a really sad occasion, the album got more depth to the songs cause now there’s three main vocals – Olli, Antti for screaming vocals and Kari in clean vocals. AS YOU’VE JUST SAID OLLI MUSTONEN LOST HIS VOICE DURING THE RECORDING AND HAD TO BE REPLACED FOR SOME SONGS. IS HE ALREADY RECOVERED FROM THESE PROBLEMS? IS HE FIT ENOUGH TO KEEP UP THE TOUR YOU’VE PLANNED? Riku: Yeah, as mentioned above, he suffered quite severe throat problems, but I am really glad to announce that his throat is doing just great these days. It was just a nasty infection combined with personal issues in his personal life and some serious drinking sessions. Personally also Olli was really glad that Antti replaced his vocals cause Antti did an awesome job aswell. IN FRONT OF THE NEW ALBUM STOOD A LINE-UP CHANGE. YOU REPLACED MIKKO HEPO-OJA BY TONI KANSANOJA. WHAT ARE THE REASONS BEHIND THIS DECISION? Riku: There’s no bigger drama in this line-up change. We just felt that we need a steady bassist, and Mikko was originally just a session player. But time passed by and we got used to him, but there was something missing from the playing. Then we realized that it was feeling, atmosphere – Mikko was not the right person for the band. We knew Toni (Burning Point, Black Swan) is a killer bassist, so we asked him to join the band. Immediately he agreed and now we’re, so to say steady six-piece. AND HOW DID TONI INTEGRATE HIMSELF IN THE BAND? Riku: Absolutely great. Already from the first rehearsals he started to make his own bass lines and little modifications to the bass riffs. He’s also a great friend and he fits perfectly to the band which has kind of a twisted humor sometimes, heh. COULD YOU PLEASE TELL OUR READERS SOMETHING ABOUT ALL MEMBERS OF CATAMENIA? THEIR INTERESTS, PASSION AND SO ON… Riku: Wow… I have no idea about the other members interests – of course everyone of us likes beer, vodka – drinking in general. Some of us are studying, some are at work, some just lay down jerking and drinking beer all the day, heh. You can find some profiles from our net at, but please do not take them too seriously if they sound weird cause we like to mess them up a little when we’re drunk. ARE THERE OTHER PROJECTS WHERE SOME OF YOU ARE BOUND IN? IF YES, PLEASE TELL US MORE ABOUT THESE PROJECTS. Riku: That I am aware of none of us have no other projects going aside except Teros playing bass in a band called NATIONAL NAPALM SYNDICATE. AFTER A LONG COLLABORATION YOU RENEWED THE CONTRACT WITH MASSACRE RECORDS. WHAT ARE THE REASONS FOR STAYING AT THIS LABEL? DON’T YOU THINK A NEW COMPANY CAN CREATE NEW ENERGY ESPECIALLY REGARDING MASSACRE NOT BEING A TYPICAL EXTREME LABEL. Riku: We think Massacre is going to raise their head all the time more in metal scene. We talked with people in Massacre, Thomas & Torsten, and everyone felt the same. We’ve been a big part of Massacre Records and Massacre has always been supporting us. So we decided to renew the contract. Of course new things can bring some new energy, but we get our energy from playing live and recording new albums. LET’S TALK ABOUT THE NEW ALBUM. THE SONGS ARE FASTER AND MORE STRAIGHT THEN ALL THE ALBUMS BEFORE. YOU GO THE WAY YOU’VE STARTED WITH “WINTERNIGHT TRAGEDIES”. WHAT IS THE OBJECTIVE? WILL CATAMENIA SOUND LIKE AN OLD SCHOOL DEATH METAL BAND IN SOME YEARS? Riku: No. Catamenia will always sound as Catamenia. We think we have created something which always can be recognized as Catamenia. That we cannot know in general which way Catamenia will go on our next album, but at the moment it seems we’ve found our ‘soul’. As you said, we went as WNT on this new album and we feel that it’s totally our thing. Of course always new things will pop up into our minds – but no worries – Catamenia will always play metal. YOU ALSO COVERED THE W.A.S.P-SONG “I WANNA BE SOMEBODY”. WHO HAD THE IDEA AND WHY DID YOU CHOSE THIS SONG ESPECIALLY? Riku: We had played this cover version earlier with Veikko and Ari in our project band called UNWRAP. We put the band in ice and maybe someday we’ll resurrect it, who knows. But at some point we just tried it with Catamenia aswell and it sounded awesome in our opinion. Then we just decided to record it into the album and the result’s awesome, so it is also published in the album. IT SEEMS LIKE A TYPICAL TRADEMARK OF CATAMENIA THAT ALMOST EVERY ALBUM-ARTWORK SHOWS WOLFS. WHAT DEEPER MEANING HAS THE WOLF FOR THE BAND? IS THERE A MYTHOLOGICAL BACKGROUND OR DOES IT ONLY LOOK GOOD? Riku: We have used wolves on our covers since from our first album Halls of Frozen North. It was a decision which we made with our CEO Torsten while we were recording the debut. We sat down, talked and made unanimous decision to use wolves as Catamenias ‘trademark’ where fans and future fans can recognize easily the band. So, no mythology behind that – we just think it’s beautiful animal. I THINK CATAMENIA IS ONE OF THE BIG BANDS OF FINLAND. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE METAL SCENE IN YOUR HOME COUNTRY? IS IT GROWING OR EVEN GROWN UP? Riku: There was a little ‘pit’ in Finnish metal scene at some point, but nowadays I think it’s getting stronger and bigger day by day. It’s really great to see new Finnish metal bands signing contracts and performing live all over the world. In a matter of fact, I think Finnish metal scene is stronger now than ever before. YOUR UPCOMING TOUR WILL LEAD YOU THROUGH FINLAND, GERMANY AND RUSSIA. ARE THERE TOWNS OR REGIONS YOU ARE EXTREMELY GLAD TO VISIT? DO YOU ALREADY KNOW YOUR TOURMATES ADORNED BROOD? Riku: Are we playing in Finland as well? Well, we have had some discussions for few gigs in Finland. In general we’re really happy and excited to play everywhere where we get a chance to get to play. Of course it’ll be lot of fun to get back to Eastern Europe – in Romania, Bulgaria – cause last time we were there, we had absolutely awesome time in those countries. Unfortunately we do not know our tourmates from WINTERHORDE or ADORNED BROOD, but we’re easy going guys, so I think that’ll be no problem to get to know them, heh. I’VE READ THAT EVEN JAPAN OR SOUTHERN AND NORTHERN AMERICA ARE ON YOUR WISH LIST FOR THE TOUR. HOW CERTAIN IS IT TO PLAY IN THESE COUNTRIES? Riku: They’re only on a playing list. There’s been so much asking from the U.S. and Southern America that hopefully someday we’ll get our chance to go to play there. That’d be so awesome and to say, one dream come true. So fingers crossed – only the future will show. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE GOTH/ SLEAZE SCENE IN YOUR HOME COUNTRY? ARE YOU INTERESTED IN IT, DO YOU HAVE CONTACT WITH THE MUSICIANS OR IS THIS SILLY “GIRLS STUFF” FOR YOU? Riku: Heh…well, I am not a big fan of this category, but of course I always respect the musicians despite which music they play. They do their thing they wanna do and that’s it. Our ex-bassist Timo plays in this kind of band called END OF YOU. Still, the music not my cup of tea, though Timo is really one awesome friend and bassist. JON OF DISSECTION AND PROBABLY THE SINGER OF SHINING DID COMMIT SUICIDE IN THE LAST WEEKS CLAIMING TO DO THIS FOR THEIR (EXTREME?) BELIEFS. ANY COMMENTS ON THAT? COULD YOU IMAGINE THIS TO BE A PERSONAL STATEMENT OF YOURS, TOO? Riku: No, I do not have any comments for that. I just think committing a suicide is one stupid and cowardly act – no reason should be an answer for committing one. WHAT WILL YOU DO IN THE FORTHCOMING DARK WINTER PERIOD OF YOUR HOME COUNTRY? ANY PLANS ALREADY? Riku: No, nothing planned. We’ll be touring in early winter and end of the winter. Then we’ll start to prepare our new album, which we’ll probably go to record in the end of the summer 2007. FINALLY I THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING THIS QUESTIONS AND I HOPE YOU HAVE A LOT OF FUN AND SUCCESS ON YOUR TOUR. IS THERE ANYTHING LEFT YOU’D LIKE TO TELL US? Riku: Thank you. Just keep on drinking, rocking and maybe rolling when drunk, heh. Buy our new album Location:COLD.

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