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HI! HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? Hi, thanks for the interview… I am great! I am currently in New York State visiting my family. NOW “FACES” AND “WAR” ARE FINISHED, HOW HAPPY ARE YOU WITH THE RESULT? I am very happy with the result. It is my very first solo CD. I did a tremendous amount of work on every detail of this CD and I hope everyone will enjoy it! WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO GO SOLO FOR THE FIRST TIME? AND: HOW MUCH MORE WAS THIS “YOUR” ALBUM THAN ON ANY OTHER PROJECT YOU WORKED ON? I decided to go solo because I was tired of depending on other people when it came to making music. The touring schedules…album schedules. They became more and more unpredictable and spread out. I wanted to play. This is entirely MY album. No other album has ever been this way! WERE THE SONGS INTENDED TO BE SPREAD OUT OVER TWO ALBUMS FROM THE BEGINNING OR DID THE IDEA COME UP, WHEN YOU REALISED THAT QUITE A LOT OF THE MATERIAL WAS WAR-RELATED? There were a few reasons I separated it…one is because I could not fit it all on one CD! Not enough time! I did write 65 songs when I was working on the CD’s. I was trying to narrow things down and noticed I had a lot of WAR related songs. This is when the separation started to make sense. HOW HARD IS IT BEING AN OUTSPOKEN ARTIST IN THE USA AT THE MOMENT? THE TIDE SEEMS TO BE TURNING NOW IT HAS BECOME APPARENT THAT THE ADMINISTRATION HAS AT LEAST PARTIALLY MISLED THE PUBLIC? I think it is always hard to be outspoken when you are in the public eye. As far as now…at first a lot of people thought I was nuts for my views and how I expressed them. Now I feel a lot of people are questioning things just as much as I do on the CD so it has been really cool to get a lot of support. “WAR” SOUND AS THOUGH IT COULD WELL HAVE BEEN HAMMERED OUT IN A SINGLE GO. HOW CLOSE TO THE TRUTH IS THIS ASSUMPTION? Hmmm…the basic tracks for all of this stuff were recorded simultaneously. No particular order. WAR was finished separately and mixed separately. I like the fact that WAR came out heavier. I think the heavy “Face” of Chris Caffery is a very natural one. This is what makes the music seem like it flows so easily! YOU SEEM TO BE AN ANGRY MAN. AT LEAST, “PISSED OFF” SOUNDS AS THOUGH THERE ARE QUITE A LOT OF THINGS THAT ANOY YOU JUST A LITTLE BIT. HOW HARD IS IT NOT BECOMING A CYNIC IN A WORLD THAT OBVIOUSLY WORKS ACORDING TO DIFFERENT RULES? Well…I used this music to battle this anger within myself. Anger about disappointments. Anger about life…anger in general. It is tough to keep your chin up and keep focused. But, the music helped me through a very difficult time and I am so glad I found that I had a voice. I feel re-born through this CD! I HAD THE FEELING THAT QUITE A LOT OF RIFFS WENT IN THE DIRECTION OF DEATH-METAL. A COINCIDENCE OR HAVE YOU BEEN LISTENING TO EXTREME MUSIC A LOT RECENTLY? I have always liked the heaviest music I could listen to. My bands were always melodic and more progressive. You just hear a natural mix of all if my influences on this CD. Some date back a very long time. EVEN THOUGH THE DIVERSITY ON “FACES” IS AMAZING, THERE IS NOT A SINGLE SONG THAT “DOESN’T WORK”. WAS THAT ONE OF THE THINGS THAT KEPT YOU BUSY IN THE LAST YEARS: PERFECTING YOUR ABILTIES IN A WIDE RANGE OF STYLES? The thing that kept me busy was the writing. There was a part of me that had so much fun listening to each finished song. I wrote so many. I think the diversity was a lot of me just seeing exactly what I could write and sing and me just letting my soul out on the CD. THE SONGS ARE GREAT, BUT I HAD THE FEELING THAT JUST AS MUCH CARE WENT INTO THE SEQUENCING OF THE ALBUM AND THE RIGHT ORDER OF THE TRACKS. CORRECT? For Both CD’s…each kinda tells a story. But coincidently..80% were written in the order they appear. Faces was a real life battle between Chris and himself. War was the real life battles the world was fighting on TV…I just wrote about both. THE OBVIOUS QUESTION: HOW DID IT FEEL TAKING OVER VOCAL DUTIES FOR THE FIRST TIME? GIVEN THE GREAT RESULT YOU SEEM TO HAVE PUT QUITE A LOT OF EFFORT IN THE ENDEAVOUR! I love it! I have so much fun singing. I started to sing when I was writing and after a few months I knew I was the only person that should sing this CD! There was a lot of pressure and a lot of doubt…but I kept working because I knew in my heart that this was the right thing to do. IN THE MORE GENTLE PASSAGES YOUR VOICE SEEMS TO RESEMBLE THAT OF JON ANDERSON. A SECRET PASSION FOR YES OR SHOULD I BETTER RUN FOR COVER? Actually it is a mixture between him and Geddy Lee! I loved progressive rock, but I could only handle it in small doses. My true love is reall heavy metal. So, it appears as one of my many Faces. APART FROM SOME OF THE MORE WELL-KNOWN MEMBERS OF YOUR BAND, THERE IS DAVE Z. WHO IS HE AND HOW DID YOU MEET HIM? Dave is the bassist in TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA East coast touring company. I actually discovered him at a Savatage convention in the US. He is a great kid and a great player. His band ZO2 is currently opening for Kiss in the US. THE VERSION I RECEIVED WAS A PRE-MASTER. ACTUALLY, IT SOUNDS GOOD ENOUGH TO BE RELEASED ALREADY! CARE TO SAVE SOME MONEY OR EXPLAIN, HOW MUCH BETTER THE TWO ALBUMS WILL SOUND AFTER THE FINAL TOUCH HAS BEEN ADDED? It will sound similar…just a bit more polished in the volume ratio between the drums and guitars. The first master kinda ate my snare! “BAG O’ BONES” HAS A DISTINCT FEELING OF ALICE IN CHAINS. HOW DID YOU EXPERIENCE THE GRUNGE-YEARS AND WERE THEY OF ANY PARTICULAR IMPORTANCE TO YOU? In some ways I loved and hated them! I loved Alice In Chains. To me they were the GNRoses of grunge. Other bands got a little too depressing or a little too earthy for me. Things seemed to be a little bit too organic at times. I was battling a lot of ups and downs myself, but this always made me write heavier songs…not do heavier drugs! THE ONLY SLIGHT CRITICISM I HAVE, IS THAT THERE IS A GUITAR SOLO ON EVERY SINGLE TRACK. DO YOU REALLY FEEL THAT A ROCK SONG IS INCOMPLETE WITHOUT ONE? Well..I have had some people complain that there is not enough guitar! Actually Fool, Fool has no solo…neither does Curtains! There is a bonus track or two without them either! Not to defend myself…but…lately there has not been enough guitar in rock. Besides, I am a guitar player…I thin ka solo CD from me would be a bit weird if there were no solos! ANY PLANS FOR TOURING? I want to tour full time starting January in Europe. I hope to get all over the world and do a lot of festivals next summer. I feel it is very important to the success of the CD COULD YOU IMAGINE SHOOTING A VIDEO FOR ONE OF THE TRACKS? “PISSED OFF” SOUNDS LIKE A HOT CANDIDATE TO ME… You are correct! I think this is the one “Universal Hit” on the CD’s. I think this song can be huge if I have some luck and timing! YOU SAY THAT YOU HATE EMAIL. HOW BAD WAS IT DOING THIS INTERVIEW, THEN? This interview was not bad…It is not the kind of e-mail I hate…I hate faceless criticism and hatred that is meant to hurt you or the people you care about. That Pisses me off!!! THANKS FOR THE INTERVIEW AND I HOPE TO SEE YO ON THE ROAD!

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