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HELLO AND THANKS FOR ANSWERING OUR QUESTIONS! HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE IN THIS PARTICULAR BAND FOR 25 YEARS NOW? It feels like a shorter period then being in my own skin 😉 To me numbers like this do not matter, I have certainly not the feeling it already is such a milestone. To me I still have a feeling I just started and feel like I still have to prove to the world that Clan Of Xymox has something special to offer. Of course I am proud of all the albums I released in the past but I tend not to look back on things, I rather look ahead, it is always the latest song of a band what matters in the end, so that keeps definitely the drive going . Sometimes I feel also having COX this long time is a curse following me;) . I would like to be judged for what I do now without being looked at as a band with all this history. I know that it is impossible, but hey, you asked me..;) In a fair and just world I would like to be judged on each album separately, (like if we were a new band) but I guess every band would want to have the same 😉 I feel Clan Of Xymox is now for a long time the band I want to have they way I wanted it from the start. When you start a band you never know what the concept is going to be, that is why I also underwent a lot of experimental stages in order to get where I am now. The Clan Of Xymox from the here and now is the band I want and that will never change, so this line in music will remain. HOW DID YOU GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR NEW LABEL TRISOL? Well, I got actually help from Steph of Pandaimonium on this one. He has not that much time left to run his label so I was looking for a full time label at some point. So, nothing dramatic but a very friendly parting. Steph is still my dearest friend and I talk to him on a weekly basis about other stuff, like friends do… IN CONSEQENCE OF THIS: HAS ANYTHING CHANGED FOR CLAN OF XYMOX NOW? It is too early to tell if it makes or made a real difference. So far Trisol feels like a natural home for our band and I am grateful for all the work they have put into our band so far. Musically and creatively it does not affect us one bit of course, a label is there to release and promote our album, nothing more, nothing less. WHATS YOUR OPINION ABOUT THE GROWTH OF THE SCENE OVER THE YEARS? Is there a growth in the scene? To me it seems more a stable kind of situation, M’era Luna and WGT for example keep on drawing the same number of people for years, they did not grow out of proportion but remain stable. I think the same goes for the people interested in the genre. It has its own niche but won’t grow bigger and bigger either, at least from what I can see. I do think however there are more music consumers then ever because it is so much easier to listen to music on any kind of media format. So in that sense there is for sure a growth, so if that in the end enriches the scene with newly interested people or so to say „new blood“ it is a good thing. HAS THE AUDIENCE CHANGED? It would be too of a generalizing statement to make but yes of course, all changes around you and that includes yourself. It would be scary if all would remain stagnant which of course will never happen as that is against the natural development of the human being per se. I think a lot of musical styles have been added, which is a good thing. Like with everything in life it is good you have a choice. The more choice the better as the chances increase you might like something. Because the means are there for a lot of musicians to express themselves it will only mean that the whole pallet will be broadened and that is in my opinion a very good thing. WHAT’S YOUR OPINION ABOUT THE ONGOING FINANCIAL CRISIS? DO YOU MEAN THAT THE CRISIS HAS INFLUENCE ON THE MUSIC SCENE, TOO? I am sure of it. When things go bad or at least people are getting frightened by all the negative news about the economy they will get scared in the end and will economize on certain luxury goods like buying music or going to a concert. Having said that I think music is the only way to console people when they stay at home instead of going out 😉 MANY BANDS DO NOT EARN AS MUCH MONEY AS A FEW YEARS AGO AND THEY HAVE TO PURSUE DAYTIME-JOBS TO SURVIVE. DO YOU HAVE A WORKING LIFE BESIDES CLAN OF XYMOX? I know a lot of bands with band members having a normal job and pursuing a music career in the weekend. I think that is quite smart. My full time job however is Clan Of Xymox since I started the band. It means a lot of hard work in order to keep your head above water and the constant insecurity of not knowing how to survive the next month, so I would advise any musician to keep their job if they have one.. LET’S TALK ABOUT YOUR NEW ALBUM „IN LOVE WE TRUST“. WHICH MESSAGE DOES THE ALBUM TRANSPORT? This album was written over a period of time that nearly every close friend I have did break up. In my book 2009 is a disaster year concerning all my friends’ relationships. This did not leave me untouched and had to do something with these emotions, also because I could not escape the topic even if I wanted to. DO YOU TRUST IN LOVE? Personally I do believe in love a great deal, it is the most important thing in our lives and people will go to great lengths in order to acquire love in their life. WHAT KIND OF STORY CONTAINS „IN LOVE WE TRUST“? AND ARE THOSE STORIES PICTURED BY YOUR LIFE OR PURE FICTION OR BOTH? Actually the title is meant very ironic. When you have the album and the lyrics with it you will understand it is actually an anti love song. I got inspired by the many break ups around me and it seemed almost that there were hardly any couples left anymore in my direct environment. Personally I do believe in love a great deal, it is the most important thing in our lives and people will go to great lengths in order to acquire love in their life. WHAT COMES FIRST: SONG OR LYRICS? Both in my case, the music and word always progress simultaneously when I work on a new song HOW MUCH TIME DID IT TAKE TO FINISH THE NEW ALBUM? I never clock the time I spend on creating a new track, I work on songs when I feel like working on something, luckily without having a pressure of anyone. When I feel I have the tracks together for an album it is time to think about a release. This time it took 3 years because I also had a lot of other things to do and I did not have always time to dedicate it to music.. WHAT PLANS DO YOU HAVE IN FUTURE TIME? WHAT ABOUT CONCERTS IN THE NEAR FUTURE? We our for the last 10 years constantly, promoting each time a new album, so time really flies in my books. Also with In Love We Trust this year are numerous concerts booked. We never book more then 25 shows a year, the concerts are spread out over the year so when we play we are always fresh and enthusiastic we play again, this is the way I like it the most. The tour-dates you will find on our site and my space site MANY THANKS FOR ANSWERING OUR QUESTIONS AND ALL THE BEST FOR YOU FORT HE NEXT 25 YEARS! Thanks, Best wishes, Ronny Moorings

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