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HI! HOW ARE YOU? WHERE ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU? Hey there! I’m great, cause I just ate! I’m Magnus in Cult of Luna, writing this in Umeå, Sweden. YOU THIRD RELEASE “SALVATION” IS RECORDED AND WILL BE OUT SOON. WHAT ARE YOUR FEELINGS AND EXPECTATIONS NOW? The feeling is really great, since we all agree on that we’ve managed to do a really fantastic album. This is the way we want to sound, and now we are doing just that. IN MY OPINION YOU ACHIEVED ANOTHER WORTHY PIECE OF DESTRUCTIVE YET BRILLIANT ART. ARE YOU CONTENT WITH EVERYTHING? IS IT POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO REFLECT NOW OR WILL THIS TAKE SOME MORE TIME? As of now we are all very satisfied and will hopefully remain so for a looong time, as was not the case with the two previous albums. I HAVE READ THE STATEMENT THAT “YOU HAD ONE TOO MANY SONGS” – WILL THIS “MISSING” TRACK BE RELEASED SOME TIME IN THE FUTURE AND HOW DOES IT SOUND? The missing track you are referring to was recorded live in a big barn on the countryside this summer. Hopefully it will be released pretty soon in one form or another. All I can say about the sound is that it’s mellow, with fantastic vocals by the same guy (Rasmus Kellerman) that sings on two tracks on Salvation. ANOTHER INTERESTING PHRASE OF JOHANNES: “HAVING ANDERS IN THE BAND HAS ALLOWED US TO USE FEWER SAMPLES THIS TIME” – COULD YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN THE EXACT MEANING OF THIS STATEMENT AS ANDERS IS ACTUALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR SAMPLES?! What Johannes meant was that since Anders got in the band we’ve been using synthesizers (analog!) much more, playing melodies…which has almost erased the need of samples…there are some samples still though. IT IS SAID THAT THE MAGICAL THIRD ALBUM HAS THE POWER TO MAKE IT OR BREAK IT. DID YOU FEEL A SPECIAL PRESSURE WHILE RECORDING IT? ANY CHANGES IN THE RECORDING PROCESS? YOU USED THE SAME STUDIO I BELIEVE. The pressure we felt was entirely put on us by ourselves, we wanted to make the greatest record possible. The difference from recording this album was that we were much more prepared and knew what mistakes we did in the past. And yes, we used the same studio, Tonteknik here in Umeå…and I did all the engineering. YOU ARE A COLLECTIVE OF SEVEN PEOPLE, NOT ALL LIVING NEARBY. HOW DIFFICULT IS SONGWRITING CONSIDERING THIS FACT? ARE YOU A DEMOCRATIC BAND? DO YOU OFTEN MEET TO PLAY AND JAM TOGETHER? During the process of writing the songs, we would gather in the rehearsal space and arranging them together from the riffs that Johannes and Erik made, deciding what everybody should play etc etc. So yes, everyone has more or less been involved in finishing the songs. HAVE YOU ALL BEEN TOGETHER IN THE STUDIO OR HAVE YOU RECORDED SOME TRACKS SEPARATELY? Everything has been recorded separately, our songs are (dynamically and soundwise) too complex for live recordings. Except that “missing song” I was mentioning earlier. COULD YOU PLEASE TELL ME HOW YOUR LABEL CHANGE FROM RAGE OF ACHILLES TO EARACHE TOOK PLACE IN THE PAST? NEVER HAD ANY OFFER OF SWEDISH LABELS? OR DO THEY ONLY CONCENTRATE ON EASY TO SELLING DEATH/ BLACK METAL? They contacted us after our first ST album…and after some negotiations we signed the contract. We’ve had some other offers since then, but we have a contract with earache so… REGARDING THE WHITE, “INNOCENT” ALBUM COVER AND THE TITLE “SALVATION” – IS THIS MEANT TO BE IRONIC AS YOU STILL SOUND DEEPLY DARK AND DESOLATE? There is nothing ironic about the cover. Personally I think when people listen to Salvation they will discover a different Cult of Luna…our sound is brighter (I didn’t say happier though!), more dynamic and more melody based than before. WHICH “SALVATION” DO YOU MEAN? ANYWAY IS IT (STILL) POSSIBLE FOR SUPERFICIAL MANKIND TO GET SALVATION AT ALL? Salvation is a word that can mean a lot of things, doesn’t have to be religious at all, as some people seem to think. Read the lyrics and listen to the album carefully, this will reveal what we mean by Salvation. “CROSSING OVER” SEEMS TO BE THE PERFECT SOUNDTRACK FOR DARK GLOOMY SWEDISH THRILLERS (“BECK”, “WALLANDER”). EVER THOUGHT OF DOING A SOUNDTRACK? Yea, now when you’re saying it, it’s a perfect soundtrack! We’ve never planned on doing any original music for films. But if some maker of a great movie wants our music on it, we don’t mind at all. EVER THOUGHT OF DOING MORE/ MOSTLY “CLEAN” VOCALS TO GET A BROADER AUDIENCE? No, for now Klas is doing his thing really great. The vocals on Salvation are way superior to the ones on The Beyond. We will not close any doors for the future though. IN MY REVIEW I ASSUMED YOU COULD LIKE THE EARLY WORKS OF KATATONIA, HAVING SIMILAR ATMOSPHERE. AM I RIGHT? No, you’re not.=) There are a number of bands out there that inspires us to make music. Most of them are bands that you normally wouldn’t connect to us. In fact, I think no one in the band listens to much heavy music anymore… therefore you can trace a lot of stuff on Salvation that is really unconventional for a heavy band. ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD THE TOUR WITH TEXTURES? WILL YOU BE HEADLINING? We haven’t heard them, so I can’t really answer that. I’m sure it will be fun. We are headlining for the first time in the UK which is exciting. Regarding the future tough, we would very much like to tour with non-metal bands… as this more reflects our personal music taste, and in our opinion will broaden the live-experience for the audience. AREN’T YOU AFRAID THAT YOU SEVEN MUSICIANS WILL BE GETTING ON EACH OTHERS NERVES IN A SMALL TOUR BUS? ANY MEANS AGAINST IT? We are all really good friends, so being together on tour is only fun stuff! Medicine against boredom = PS2, FIFA 2004!! WILL YOU PLAY LIVE WITH 3 GUITARISTS? No, I (Magnus) will focus on the percussion parts from now on. WHAT CAN THE FAN EXPECT OF YOUR NEW HOMEPAGE WHICH SHALL TAKE OFF SOON? A totally new look, in the same style as the artwork. Its being uploaded as I am writing this, pay a visit, ! CAN YOU TELL ME SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL INTERESTS? DOES YOUR MUSIC REFLECT YOUR CHARACTERS? (MELANCHOLIC, COMPLEX ETC.) We are all a bunch of laid back dudes with a lot of stuff in common. We are lucky to have found each other. AT LAST AND ALWAYS INTERESTING: YOUR FAVOURITE BOOKS AND MOVIES NOW AND ALL-TIME? Right now I’m reading Howard Zinn’s “Peoples History Of The United States” which is highly recommended for anyone who wants truth on how the “big bear in the west” was founded. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR TIME AND I HOPE YOU WILL BE PLAYING IN THE NORTHWEST OF GERMANY. Thanks and take care folks!

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