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HELLO SALVA, YOUR NEW ALBUM „SPIRIT“ HAS JUST BEEN RELEASED. SURELY THERE HAVE BEEN REASONS FOR DELAYING THE NEW MATERIAL OF CULTURE KULTÜR FOR SUCH A LONG TIME. PLEASE, LET US NOW… We all have day jobs that takes a lot of time. Besides, Josua has two kids who need also their share of attention. He also suffered from some illness that kept us out of the studio for some time. You can add too that we intended to raise our level of exigency with the new songs and that we didn’t have any hurry to complete them. Also we externaliced some stages in the development of the album. We always did all the complete musical works for our previous discs, but this time we counted with Dark Dreams Factory in Barcelona to do the mastering. Also tried new equipment to record the vocals. All this added extra time to the whole process. LET’S START WITH THE ARTWORK THE BEFORE UNPACKING THE ALBUM. I REALLY LIKE THIS RELIGIOUS STYLE. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR IT? Ricardo Marichal is a graphic designer who worked previously for our new label, Caustic Records. I was quite impressed for his work and decided to contact him. He was excited to work with us, and we liked the very first idea he proposed. After some interchange of ideas, the work was done and I’m very satisfied with it. I think he did a great job. AND WHAT IS THE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE ALBUM TITLE AND THE ARTWORK? For me the hands in chains represent the Spirit of mankind, trapped with the different things that keep it away from enlightenment. But I’m not sure if that was the idea in Ricardo’s head. I just told him the name of the album and the different meanings that this word has: inner strength, utter meaning, and also God, ghost, angel and demon… The religious and spiritual references are a constant in our songs, so the halo from above and the spines fit perfectly. AND IS THERE A DIRECT LINK BETWEEN THE TRACKS AND THE ALBUM TITLE? DID YOU START FOLLOWING A CONCEPT? No, we didn’t start with that concept. When we had half of the songs composed, Josua came up with the name as a working title. But as we finished new songs, the title seemed more and more adequate. The artwork just completed the whole puzzle. OKAY, LET’S PROCEED TO THE MUSIC. IN MY EARS YOU HAVE BEEN SOMEHOW “EVEN MORE ELECTRONIC” WITH THE NEW SONGS. WHAT IS THE CAUSE FOR THAT? From the beginning I had the intention of using a lot of sharp synth leads to make the main melodies more distinctive. This is one of the differences with previous works. Maybe that’s what you recognize as more electronic. „SIEGED“, „BLIND MAN“, „DRUM MACHINE“ AND E.G. „TOXIC BLUE“ WILL BE GREAT FOR THE DANCEFLOOR. DID YOU PAY ATTENTION ON THE USABILITY OF THE SONGS FOR CLUB-DJS? Sure. The endings of several songs is a bit extended to make them easier to mix. We tried also to achieve a cleaner sound, that could be listened better in the clubs. THE TRACKS „SILENCE“, „MY VOICE“ AND „I FOUND YOU“ ARE MORE DOWNTEMPO BALLADS. WHY DID YOU START THE ALBUM WITH FULL IMPACT BY THE HARD TRACKS AND SLOW DOWN SIGNIFICANTLY TOWARDS THE END WITH THE MORE DEEP-THOUGHT TRACKS? I think is the more appropriate way to link the songs. Like a wave, first start with heavy rhythms to slow down with ‘Dead Second’ to raise again with Toxic Pulse and finally end in a relaxed mood. It simply looked the best way to do it. I FORGOT TO MENTION: YOUR COVER-VERSION OF JOY DIVISIONS „LOVE WILL TEAR US APART“! YOUR WAY TO INTERPRET THAT SONG FITS PERFECTLY THE CONTEMPORARY CLUB. DON’T YOU FEAR THAT FANS OF JOY DIVISION WILL REACT NOT ONLY HAPPY ABOUT IT? Well, when I listen to a cover song, I expect it to be different enough to surprise me, but yet loyal to the original work. That’s what we intended to do with “Love Will…” Do something different to the original but faithful to Joy Division and also to our own style. CAN YOU MAKE MONEY AS MUSICIAN OF THE SPANISH ELECTRONIC SCENE? You can make little money here. This scene is under-underground here and has no relation with the more successful electronic dance scene. The weird thing is that if you show our music to some general electronic music lover, he or her will probably like it, but there are no connections between both worlds, and without a “this sounds like…” reference, our audience is limited to the gothic-electro scene. WHAT HAS CHANGED IN YOUR EYES IN THE DARK SCENE OF YOUR COUNTRY FROM THE 90S TO 2010? There are more gigs of foreign bands, and also more national acts, but the rest is pretty much the same. The same clubs and the same lack of unity and openness. I admire the festivals in Germany where you can find people with very different looks and tastes, which would be difficult here… HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE ILLEGAL DOWNLOAD PLATFORMS? It’s unfair, but I think that the people that only downloads tons of mp3 wouldn’t buy many CDs anyway. In a few years we have witnessed the ‘death’ of the CD and now I think that the end of indiscriminate downloads are close too. Services like Spotify are leading a new way of distribution, which will make obsolete to have a hard disc full of music. I consider the downloads as another form of broadcast, but if someone really likes the music, will also support it somehow. WHAT CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT THE SPANISH SCENE IN GENERAL. ARE THERE HUGE DIFFERENCES TO GERMANY? Yes, here festivals like WGT or M’era Luna are unthinkable: the potential attendants are much less here. Also in Germany (not in the scene, but in the common world) there is a greater musical sensibility that allow some bands to be recognised out of the boundaries of the dark scene. MY LAST QUESTION: WILL YOU PRESENT „SPIRIT“ LIVE SOMEWHERE? Yes. We are preparing the live setup and after that we’ll start to organize gigis (in fact we have already some proposals). I want to try some festivals, too. SALVA, MANY THANKS FOR YOUR TIME TO ANSWER OUR QUESTIONS. DO YOU HAVE SOME FINAL WORDS YOU WANT TO ADRESS TO OUR READERS? Just that I hope that they like hearing “Spirit” as much as we enjoyed making it!

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